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Save a massive 400 dollars with these Dell XPS laptop deals

Save a massive 400 dollars with these Dell XPS laptop deals
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if you've been after a laptop deal that's not got the premium attached to it that comes with adding the word gaming, then this XPS deal and others may well be for you. Dell's XPS deals are still premium machines, with some having good enough integrated graphics units to be able to play some games - albeit lightweight ones like Rocket League and Fortnite, perhaps - but also are supremely competent in all other areas. 

The one we're highlighting right now is still one with a large-ish price tag but has a lot going for it and offers some cool 2-in-1 abilities too.  It's a full HD display that's a touchscreen model with an i7-1065G7 processor, 16GB of memory and 256GB SSD under the hood. 

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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop | $1,249.99 at Dell (save $400) (opens in new tab)
A quality Dell machine that'll serve you well whatever you throw at it - including some games - and it has a flip screen to boot.

If you fancy taking advantage of the $400 saving but prefer a more traditional laptop/notebook arrangement then the XPS 13 Touch Laptop is reduced by the same amount, and is down to $1,449.99 at Dell (opens in new tab). This has an awesome 4K touch screen that is a tremendous thing of beauty and sets this one apart.

You can pick up a cheaper XPS 13 laptop going for $1,099.99 (opens in new tab) that is closer to a traditional laptop replacement model. It dials everything back slightly but still offers a premium laptop model from Dell that nearly goes under the magic four-figure mark.

If streaming games really is the future in the shape of Stadia (maybe not right now) and Nvidia's GeForce Now (a better option) then these machines are great options to harness that, and take care of all your other everyday needs too.

However, of course, if you're after the best machines for gaming, then you'll be well served heading over to our guides to the best gaming laptop (opens in new tab) money can buy. But if you want to save some cash, then you'll want to take a look at our cheap gaming laptop deals (opens in new tab) page. If you prefer your machines static and boxy, our take on the best gaming PCs (opens in new tab) going.

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