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Welcome to GamesRadar+! We are the games, movies, and TV website that upgrades your downtime; helping you make the most of your money, skills, and time. 

On GamesRadar+ we always aim to inform, entertain, and inspire through our mix of news, reviews, features, tips, buying guides, and videos. 

We are not condescending, elitist, assumptive, or deliberately argumentative. We are a celebratory site that looks to remind readers that games and entertainment are a force for good and for bringing people together.

GamesRadar+ is also home to some of the biggest brands in the industry: Edge, Official PlayStation Magazine, RetroGamer, Newsarama, TotalFilm, and SFX.

Daniel Dawkins: Content Director, Games and Film

Currently loving...

Since finishing The Last of Us 2 and failing repeatedly to claim the crown in Fall Guys while being mocked by my children - "You got roaaaasted, dad" - I've been rewatching Battlestar Galactica on BBC iPlayer. A show about rogue algorithms, corrupt governance, societal inequality and viral outbreaks? Science fiction, surely.

Who am I? I started writing about games for UK-based PlayStation magazine PSM2 in 2001 – a year so ancient, it reads like a typo – before becoming Editor-in-Chief of PSM3, Xbox World and Nintendo Gamer. Highlights include: surviving an emergency helicopter landing with Rockstar's Dan Houser, being one of the first ten journalists in the world to play MGS4 at Konami's 'secret' Japanese HQ and dedicating approximately 3600 lunchtimes to Pro Evolution Soccer multiplayer. In late 2012, I launched the YouTube series GTA5o'clock - attracting *immodesty klaxon* 60 million views in the process - before becoming Global Editor-in-Chief of GamesRadar+ in early 2016 and trying to smuggle Metal Gear Solid into every features meeting. Now I'm Content Director, Games and Film, responsible for development and delivery of our best-in-class content across the games and film group.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? In my mind, something akin to Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: just an old killer called in to do some wet work. In reality, almost nothing you can see on the website, but almost everything that goes on behind the scenes – including the privilege of working with such a brilliant team.

Follow Dan on Twitter: @DanDawkins

Sam Loveridge: Global Editor-in-Chief

Currently loving...

Now I've finally finished Assassin's Creed Valhalla, I'm dedicating my free time to getting back into Stardew Valley, and building as many houses as I can find floorplans for in The Sims 4. 

Who am I? After realising fashion journalism definitely wasn't for me while working in Singapore, I wandered back into my safe zone of tech journalism before landing a gig writing about my one true love: video games. I've worked at TrustedReviews, Digital Spy, Fandom, and dabbled with bouts of freelance prior to GR+, but my GamesRadar family finally feels like home. Particularly because they realize that my Pokemon obsession is a pro, not a con. Or at least that's what they tell me anyway. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm the lady in charge of GamesRadar, but also getting all the reviews up on the website, so you can thank me for all those shining stars – or blame me for a lack of them. I also spend my time working my SEO magic to try and coax the Google Juice to flow in our favour.

Follow Sam on Twitter: @apacherose3

Rachel Weber: Managing Editor

Currently loving...

Rachel Weber

(Image credit: Future)

Seeing old friends (and crying through the ending all over again) in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition made me curious to see if I'd judged Mass Effect Andromeda too harshly the first time around, so now I'm working my way through life as the Pathfinder all over again. Despite all the Remnant and raiders, space is still a nice break from the real world right now. 

Who am I? After giving being an adult with a real office job a try - it was terrible - I scored a staff writer position at Official PlayStation Magazine way back in 2006, just as the PlayStation 3 was launching. In my five years there I dressed as a saloon wench, learned to rap, took sword fighting lessons and once fell down some stairs carrying a giant TV box. Good times. I left to do serious business type games news in 2013, before joining Rolling Stone's Glixel in 2016, where trusting people let me speak to Nathan Fillion and Buffy from Spike about games, and I got to meet a real sloth. Now I'm back with my Future family.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm the benevolent Queen of the US, or - as they insist I call it - US Managing Editor. I write news, features, and reviews, and look after a crack team of writers who all insist on calling trousers "pants" and don't think the phrase fanny pack is problematic. 

Follow Rachel on Twitter: @therachelweber

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Ben Tyrer: News Editor

Currently loving...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Outbreak mode has got its rotting teeth into me good and proper. The mode subverts the usual Zombies rules by putting you in an open space and letting your operator roam free. In a weird way, it's like the very best junk food; a giddy and excessive blowout that shouldn't be as cathartic as it actually is.  

Who am I? I first started writing about games for this very website way back in 2013 as a freelancer fresh out of uni, before joining Official PlayStation Magazine UK in 2015 as a Staff Writer and unofficial FIFA expert (despite being notoriously bad at it). I even once convinced my editor to let me write a piece on 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand, which still has one of the best openings in games. I left the magazine in 2018 to join a digital agency that produces content (sorry) for places like GAME UK’s social channels, before heading back to where it began at GR+.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I’m the UK News Editor, which sees me writing news and features for GR+. I also repeatedly moan about getting beat at FIFA.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @bentyrer

Ali Jones: Deputy News Editor

Currently Loving...

Ali Jones

After a busy few weeks in Valheim's viking purgatory, my friends and I are waiting out the next update by returning to League of Legends, which has been our collective game of choice for much of the past 10 years. I also DM two Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, one of which Ben T is constantly trying to derail via his silver-tongued bard. 

Who am I? After a few years writing for my university newspaper and with a shiny new gaming PC on my desk, my games writing career kicked off when I joined PCGamesN in the summer of 2017. Over the following two years, I wrote more about League of Legends than anyone outside Riot (or at least that's how it felt), and spent an extremely jet-lagged weekend in Seattle for Valve's reveal of Artifact. That was a more impressive anecdote in 2018 than it is now, but I did get to meet Gabe Newell.

In 2019, I left PCGN to become Kotaku UK's news editor, from where I eventually joined Gamesradar in 2020.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? As Deputy News Editor, I'm on hand to help out the news team, writing articles and desperately trying to trick Ben into letting me write about my favourite PC games.

Follow Ali on Twitter: @ali_jones94

Connor Sheridan: Staff Writer

Currently loving...

Valheim has become a constant for me, whether I only have time for a quick fishing trip or I'm embarking on an intercontinental voyage in search of new bosses and biomes. As for tabletop RPGs, my players for both Scum & Villainy and Armor Astir: Advent still never fail to surprise, confound, and delight me.

Who am I? I started writing about video games at my college newspaper, a career that also included riding in a Chinook helicopter with a bunch of ROTC cadets and reviewing Yoohoo on a podcast nobody listened to. That led to an internship at GameSpot and then to my position here at GR+. That was more than eight years ago now, holy cow! In my spare time I play video games (duh) but I've also made a couple of my own, which you can check out on my Itch profile. I also enjoy riding my bicycle and playing tabletop RPGs.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I write news articles and features. I have special eyes.

Follow Connor on Twitter: @c_sheridan

Alyssa Mercante: Editor

Currently loving…

Alyssa Mercante

(Image credit: Alyssa Mercante)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Returning to my favorite games with my favorite characters in gorgeous 4K is the best thing to come out of 2021. 

Who am I? I spent a year in the UK getting my Master’s degree in literature, where I wrote my dissertation on the intersections of indie gaming and punk subculture. Then, I moved back to NYC and worked as associate editor at a startup where I crammed as many stories about video games into the editorial calendar that I could, before realizing that my lifeblood was gaming, and I needed it to sustain me. Happily, I'm here now. 

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I’m here to write features about going drink-for-drink with Geralt of Rivia and trying to bone ghosts in The Sims 4. Also I'll do some serious work, like examining the Switch OLED and previewing the hottest new games.

Follow Alyssa on Twitter: @alyssa_merc

Austin Wood: Staff Writer

Currently loving…

Updates for Monster Hunter Rise, Destiny 2, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and Genshin Impact take turns consuming my entire day. But with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade out in June, I'll be spending a lot more time with my PS5 soon.

Who am I? I worked as a freelance games journalist for six years before wearily staggering into the house of GamesRadar+, where I was welcomed with open arms and a frankly alarming amount of dog GIFs. This means my soul is measured in content, and also that you may have seen me around. I've written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, IGN, RockPaperShotgun, Sports Illustrated, and plenty of others over the years. I also received a journalism degree at some point and they haven't asked for it back, so here I am, writing the best bad similes of my career. 

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I write about the day-to-day goings on of the games industry. I spend most of my time picking out the important bits from the never-ending flood of trailers and announcements, but I also find some of my favorite stories in creative communities and weird rabbit holes. 

Follow Austin on Twitter: @austinwoodmedia

Hope Bellingham: News Writer

Currently loving...

(Image credit: )

After getting my fill of Little Nightmares 2 and It Takes Two earlier this year I am eagerly awaiting the release of Psychonauts 2 and checking in on my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island whenever I can.  

Who am I? After graduating from university with a BA (Hons) in Film Industries & Creative Writing, I attempted to start my career by running my own blog where I wrote about animation, film, TV, and video games. By late 2020, I managed to land my first industry job as a PR Intern at Player Two PR where I assisted in the release of several indie games. I was then lucky enough to get the opportunity to be a Trainee News Writer at GamesRadar+!

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I like to think of myself as the Animal Crossing: New Horizons news correspondent however when I'm not covering the latest on island life I'm also writing about The Last of Us, Resident Evil, Pokemon, and everything else the video game industry throws at us. 

Follow Hope on Twitter: @hopeelizab

Jordan Gerblick: Staff Writer

Currently loving...

(Image credit: Future)

I just got Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and it's the first game I've played that feels truly new-gen; like it wouldn't be possible on older hardware. As a newcomer to the series, I'm having fun learning about wombats or whatever, but mostly I'm just in awe of the dynamic visuals, punchy gunplay, and buttery smooth framerates. PS5 buyer's remorse, be gone!

Who am I? After defiantly earning an English degree against my parents' protests, I climbed the corporate ladder for a while in dreadful copywriting roles while silently wishing I'd listened to my elders and went to school for business or something else that's dreadfully safe. Exhausted from 60-hour workweeks writing financial documentation and freelancing over the weekends, GamesRadar eventually rescued me from my cameo role in the real-life Office by giving me the dream job I have now. I used to run a pizza blog, I co-designed a once-active Ultima Online shard when I was 12, and I spend every work night in the company of a turtle named Myrtle (he's actually a Russian tortoise but the rhyme doesn't really work with that).

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I tell you what's happening in video games, and occasionally, what I think about video games. My favorite part of the job is uncovering and shining a light on underappreciated indie projects.

Follow Jordan on Twitter: @JordanGerblick

Hirun Cryer: News Writer

Currently loving...

Hirun Cryer

I’m powering through Persona 5 Strikers and Bravely Default 2, two massive JRPG adventures that are eating up my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Who am I? After graduating from Canterbury Christ Church university with not a clue in the world what I wanted to do, I decided to see what writing about games was like. Turns out I liked it, and I liked it so much that I ended up making a career out of it. After writing for places like The Guardian, Eurogamer, USgamer, and more, I’ve somehow managed to land a role writing about news for the audience of Gamesradar+.

What do I do on Gamesradar+? I write up the latest and breaking news for the audience of Gamesradar+, constantly trying to sift through the deluge of everyday news to bring you something you might not even know about. Keeping an audience well informed is a challenge, but it’s finding bits of brilliance throughout the industry that’s a genuine pleasure for me.

Follow Hirun on Twitter: @HirunCryer 


Josh West: Features Editor

Currently loving...

I had to take a break from Warzone. It has gotten its hooks into me in the same way that Phantasy Star Universe or World of Warcraft did a lifetime ago, and I'm now old enough to recognize that that isn't super healthy. Thankfully, I've been able to drag my squad away from Verdansk and into Sanctuary. We're playing Diablo 3 and having a great time with it, spending hours slaying demons until the early hours of the morning... you know what, I think I have a problem with video games and time management.  

Who am I? Hello there! My name is Josh West, I'm the Features Editor for GamesRadar+ and the Assistant Producer of the Future Games Show. I once served as Deputy Editor of games™ magazine and Acting Editor of Play Digital. I've got a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing which, against all odds, I put to good use for seven years before moving online. Prior to all that, I worked the freelance circuit covering 3D art, comic books, film, television, technology, and psychedelic rock. Oh, and I spent a few years working as a child actor, but had to quit because I wouldn't off cut my long hair (true story). These days, you'll find me locating new hills to die on at Twitter Dot Com.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm the Features Editor for GamesRadar and an Assistant Producer of the Future Games Show. A product of print magazine journalism, you'll find me channeling my love of long-form feature writing onto the site. As a general rule, if you're reading something on GR+ that requires more than ten minutes to read, it will probably have my byline on it. 

Follow Josh on Twitter: @origamikid

Heather Wald: Staff Writer

Currently loving...

Outside of popping into Animal Crossing: New Horizons to say hello to my villagers each day, I've been taking on the role of Ichiban, the loveable hero in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. As a big fan of RPGs and the Yakuza series, Like A Dragon is just what I need in my life right now - Ichiban is quickly becoming one of my all-time favourite protagonists. 

Who am I? While I was still trying to cut my teeth in the journalism world, I worked at Game before ditching retail to do an MA in magazine journalism at Cardiff University. I then landed a job as the content editor for Stuff Magazine writing about all things game and tech related. Eventually I fell into the world of freelancing, and after contributing to Gamesradar+ for a few months, I somehow bagged myself my dream job. Now I get to do what I truly love alongside a talented team of writers full time. Yeah, I can’t believe it either!

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I write about all the latest gaming news, keep an eye out for interesting goings on in the gaming community, and help out with all sorts of bits and bobs for the site. You might even see the odd feature here and there.

Follow Heather on Twitter: @heatherteacup

Ben Wilson: Sports Editor

Currently loving...

WWE 2K19 – this year, 2K finally gets wresting right at what feels like the 99th time of asking. Its tight, revamped career mode benefits from linearity, and I'm hooked on adding fan-made 'community creations' wrestlers to my Universe mode. On that note, I'm off for some old-school NWO Wolfpac vs Nasty Boys tag action…

Who am I? I’ve been writing about sports and games – and therefore sports games – for 18 years since a post-Uni stint at Nickelodeon, and can lay claim to being the longest serving editor in Official PlayStation Magazine history. I departed OPM Towers in 2014 to become a full-time dad, but am proud to be able to juggle nappy changes and Horrid Henry binges with my role as GR+’s roving, raving man-o’ -sports. I also write football and wrestling words for FourFourTwo, The Guardian, and Talksport.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Anything and everything related to football (UK and US), hockey, baseball and wrestling. Plus various entertainment bits as directed by Lauren, when she isn’t ignoring my pleas to run more features on the site about Cool Runnings. Or, indeed, any features on the site about Cool Runnings.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @BenjiWilson


Leon Hurley: Guides Co-ordinator 

Currently loving...

When I'm not building things and exploring things in Dreams on PS4 I've actually gone back to Fallout 76. It's gradually being tweaked and updated in all the right directions and while the world is still a bit lifeless (literally) there's a pleasing grind to levelling up and collecting power armour. 

Who am I? After mixed career path of scientist, teacher and musician I ended up landing a job on Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. After working my way up the ranks there and eventually running the website, I helped launch and run Kotaku UK before joining GamesRadar+ to do news and tea. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I coordinate all the guides content on GR (there's a clue in the name). I work with writers to decide what to tip and what not to tip based on what I think people are going to want to know, and some numbers stuff. I then organise all the guides, video capture, scripts and so on for a game and, God willing, get it up for release. I always want to do more video. 

Follow Leon on Twitter: @leonhurley

Iain Wilson: Guides Editor

Currently loving...

I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy Platinums to add to my collection, as I'm genuinely fascinated with how those games get made. Still hitting up Fortnite from time to time, and returning to my one true love to blast out some plastic guitar tunes in Rock Band 4.

Who am I? I joined Future in 2012 to write tips and guides for CVG, before moving on to join the GR+ team. I’m known to many as ‘Mr Trophy’ due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting intangible PlayStation silverware, and I now have around 200 Platinum pots weighing down the shelves in my virtual award cabinet. I do not care for Xbox Achievements.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after the guides on GamesRadar+, so spend most of my time either searching gaming’s darkened corners for those final elusive collectibles, or coming up with tips and advice to help you git gud.

Follow Iain on Twitter: @wilbossman


Jack Shepherd: Entertainment Editor

Currently loving...

With this summer's blockbusters being, erm, slightly underwhelming, I've been kicking it with some old classics. I finally had time to watch Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury, a classic kung-fu click that heavily influenced Taratino's Kill Bill, and Spielberg's classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Both excellent films that you should seek out immediately.

Who am I? Once upon a time, there was a young lad, fresh from university who had absolutely no idea what to do with his life. Then crippling student debt came knocking at the door, and that lad had to make quick a decision: sneak aboard an aeroplane to Mexico and hideout there for the next 50 years, or get a job. He decided not to get on the plane, but instead embark on a career in journalism, notoriously one of the most difficult and underpaid careers going. By luck, one publication, The Independent, had him in for work experience, and then a paid freelancer, and then a full-time Culture writer. Rising up the ranks, he covered Marvel films, Channel 4 baking shows, and even a Glastonbury Festival or two. And now, he's at Gamesradar+. Lucky him.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Yeah, that person was me! Didn't see that coming, did ya? I'm in charge of the website's entertainment coverage, bringing you all the latest film and TV news, reviews and features. As you, dear reader, hopefully know, Gamesradar+ is also the online home of Total Film and SFX magazines, and I'm the one bringing their stuff onto the interweb. Am I basically the hottest ents editor on the internet right now? Well, I'll let you decide that, though I think we both know the answer: No, because I still haven't watched Aquaman. One day, James Wan, I will tackle your underwater opus. One day.

Follow Jack on Twitter: @JackJShepherd

Bradley Russell: Entertainment Writer

Currently loving...

True Detective. Time is a flat circle (even though it doesn't feel like that right now), so I'm back to binging the first season of the HBO classic. I could really do with some Lone Star right about now.

Who am I? I was part of the freelance furniture for over two years at GamesRadar+ while plugging away at games and guides work elsewhere. Now I'm here for keeps over on the TV and film beat. I've been told on more than one occasion that I have the strangest cross-section of interests, so I'm sure you'll find something worth talking to me about. I love both kinds of football, anime, comics, video games (duh), and beer. Lots of beer.

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I’m the Entertainment Writer, covering the ever-changing worlds of movies and TV. If it involves Star Wars, anything MCU-related, or the latest Netflix hit, then I’m your man.

Follow Bradley on Twitter: @1bradleyrussell

Molly Edwards: Entertainment Writer 

Currently loving...

Molly Edwards

I was glued to WandaVision, and am now counting down the minutes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I’m also still watching Baby Yoda’s cutest moments compilations (and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon).

Who am I? After graduating with a BA in English and working on HMS Belfast for a while, I then had a magical time immersed in fairytale kingdoms writing Disney magazines (I am a self-styled Elsa Expert). TV and film have always been two of my favourite things, though, and I went from blogging and tweeting about them in my free time to an absolute dream job with the best people as a freelance Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar+!

What do I do? I write up the biggest news in film and TV, and write features too. Disney, Star Wars, and superheroes are my jam, so you’ll probably find me writing about them pretty much 24/7. 

Follow Molly on Twitter: @mollycaroline7

Emily Garbutt: Entertainment Writer

Currently loving...

Emily Garbutt

I just finished watching The Great, which was… great. Now it’s back to counting down the days until Succession season 3. 

Who am I? After graduating from university, working a few temp jobs in admin and copywriting, getting my NCTJ qualification, and several months of trying to find my feet as a freelancer during a pandemic, I joined the GamesRadar+ entertainment team in 2020. When I’m not writing about film and TV, I’m probably tweeting about it instead. I enjoy 90-minute runtimes, re-watching When Harry Met Sally, and long walks on the beach.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I cover everything film and TV-related here at GamesRadar+, bringing you the latest news and the occasional feature, too. From the latest streaming releases to awards show chatter, you’ll find my byline on it.

Follow Emily on Twitter: @emilylgarbutt


Brendan Griffiths: Managing Editor, Hardware & eCommerce

Currently loving...

Brendan Griffiths GamesRadar Managing Editor Hardware and eCommerce

I finally signed up to Disney Plus, and have just completed a smashing chronological run of the MCU. I've started a Star Wars one but am taking a break after Episode 1. As for gaming, I'm all over Game Pass and currently hopping between The Medium and the original (again!) Final Fantasy VII, but with the awesome speed cheats enabled. Don't pull that face, I finished it twice properly in the 90s! As for the PS5, just bring me Ratchet already.

Who am I? After spending years working in retail I began my escape from having to put up with the public with careers in cinema projection and games journalism with a bit of eCommerce. I moved into eCom full-time a few years ago when I became TechRadar's first-ever Deals Editor. In 2020 I hopped over to GamesRadar as Managing Editor of eCommerce and Hardware to combine two of my biggest passions (telling people about cool stuff and trying to get them to buy it too).

What do I do? I manage Rob and Ben (say hello below) and run content strategy for our hardware coverage including reviews and buying guides. I'm also in charge of incorporating eCommerce elements into GamesRadar's content and am always searching for the next big thing that warrants a new guide so we can help unite our readers with the best items in gaming hardware, streaming services, gadgets, and more. We spend way too much time trying to find you all a PS5 too.

Follow Brendan on: LinkedIn | Twitter

Rob Dwiar: Hardware Editor

Currently loving…

Having recently re-acquired a PS3 I'm in the very exciting process of acquiring a bunch of older games to properly revisit that I missed out on originally (for some reason): Deus Ex, the Ghost Recons, the Resistance series, Spec Ops, the MGS series, and more. I can't wait to get stuck into those, while also clearing the backlog on PS4 and PS5 with the likes of World War Z co-op and A Plague Tale: Innoncence.

Who am I? After a stint at a horticultural mag and then in landscape design, I landed my full-time games-industry writing role on the GamesRadar+ hardware team in 2018. Before joining, alongside my previous landscape-y life, I wrote a fair few features within the games industry about video game landscapes and environments, and sometimes still write (watch this space) and give talks on that too. Elsewhere, I follow West Ham through thin and thin, play guitar and golf, and have a book backlog that is longer than my game one.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Primarily I write about everything hardware at GamesRadar+, covering, well, everything that is hardware. You’ll definitely see me pop up elsewhere on the site and in video from time to time though, too.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobDwiar

Benjamin Abbott: Hardware Editor

Currently loving...

I've just discovered Sea of Thieves for the first time, and I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner. It's thoroughly ridiculous and a real delight when played with friends. I'm also busy putting together a top 10 party board games list while planning for our next Dungeons & Dragons session (cue a bout of nefarious, cackling laughter).

Who am I? Thanks to a chance encounter with ex-GamesRadar staffer Justin Towell, I got the help I needed to go from aspiring video game critic to a freelancer on the site. Although there were some detours along the way (namely a stint in education, PR, and animal rescue), I finally wound up where I’ve always dreamed of being - right here.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after our board game features, buying guides, deals, and tech reviews on GamesRadar+ as part of the Hardware team. That means I'm here to help you find a PS5 or Xbox Series X, too.

Follow Benjamin on Twitter: @TheWordyBen


James Jarvis: Head of Video Operations, UK

Currently loving...

Thanks to Netflix I've been binge watching Luther recently which I missed the first time around. On the game side of things I'm still sinking an unhealthy amount of time into Fortnite Battle Royale and trying to get to level 50 in Red Dead Online. Which as anyone who's tried or is trying to do the same will tell you is a challenge.

Who am I? I'm James. I started out as a temp on GamesRadar+ uploading 100's of screenshots to the website way back when custom screenshots were the hot new thing - sometime in the 2000's. After that I was part of the team that launched FirstPlay (now PlayStation Access) then moved across to overseeing the creation of  all the videos you see on this very site. Like Sauron. Oh I also co-hosted and produced a little GTA V show called GTA5o'clock and Red Dead2o'clock.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I help create all of the GR video content from reviews to previews and everything in-between. I also spend a lot of time thinking about what my dog will be called. In case you're interested he will be called Dominus and will live in the Ludus.

Follow James on Twitter: @James_Jarvis

Tom Farthing: Video Producer

Currently loving...

Tom Farthing

After avoiding all 'Souls' type games for years I decided the pandemic was a good time to give Bloodborne a try. I was originally put off by how hard everyone says they are and I would say that's the wrong way to describe them. An old colleague Jade King put it best when she said they are challenging but rewarding. It strikes a great balance between the two and you always feel you'll beat that boss on the next try. 

Who am I? I'm somebody who is just in love with all things video, especially video games. I might be found behind the camera, in front of it, editing video footage together, doing a voice-over, basically anything that needs to be done in order to make an interesting video about video games. I've worked at super corporate places like The Financial Times and also more relaxed places like Unilad (where I managed to trick over a million people into watching paint dry for an hour in an April Fool's livestream). I will never get over the fact that I am one of the few people in the world lucky enough to be doing their dream job and being paid to talk about video games all day. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm in charge of all the video stuff on the site and our YouTube channel. This mostly involves taking all the hard work the rest of the team do (articles, best lists, guides etc) and stealing them to turn into a video. 

Follow Tom on Twitter: @ImTomFarthing


Chris Arrant: Newsarama Senior Editor

Currently loving...

Some of my recent memorable comics have been Ariel Ries' Cry Wolf Girl, Silver Surfer: Black, and Taiyo Matsumoto's complete catalog (well, as much as is available in English) - after reading Cats of the Louvre and enjoying it so much, I had to go back... I'm also a few hours into Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, while also idly re-playing Disney Infinity (I know). 

Who am I? After a few years in the world of graphic design and arts management, I found a passion at the intersection of art, story, and journalism: writing about comics. Since 2003, I've written about comics for Newsarama, while also freelancing for Life, Entertainment Weekly, Publisher's Weekly, Marvel, and more. I've authored one book (Modern Masters: Cliff Chiang), and contributed chapters to Marvel's Art of Spider-Man Classic coffee table book and Dark Horse's Pros and (Comic) Cons anthology. Over the years I've served as a judge for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, the Harvey Awards, and the Stan Lee Awards.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm senior editor of Newsarama, our comics section. With our staff of writers and reviewers, we bring you the latest and greatest news, reviews, and features about comic books, webcomics, manga, comic strips, and more.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisarrant

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