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Daniel Dawkins: Global Editor-in-Chief

Currently loving...

I'd planned to spend Christmas finishing Red Dead Redemption 2, which resulted in me sinking 30 hours into Star Wars Battlefront 2, and not cooking a single rabbit in Rockstar's impressive, but dauntingly huge, open world. I did watch loads of TV and movies, though, and would recommend Roma, My Brilliant Friend, Mi: Fallout and *cough* 90 Day Fiance. Steven Frend: oof.

Who am I? I started writing about games for UK-based PlayStation magazine PSM2 in 2001 – a year so ancient, it reads like a typo – before becoming Editor-in-Chief of PSM3, Xbox World and Nintendo Gamer. Highlights include: surviving an emergency helicopter landing with Rockstar's Dan Houser, being one of the first ten journalists in the world to play MGS4 at Konami's 'secret' Japanese HQ and dedicating approximately 3600 lunchtimes to Pro Evolution Soccer multiplayer. In late 2012, I launched the YouTube series GTA5o'clock - attracting *immodesty klaxon* 60 million views in the process - before becoming Global Editor-in-Chief of GamesRadar+ in early 2016 and trying to smuggle Metal Gear Solid into every features meeting.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? In my mind, something akin to Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: just an old killer called in to do some wet work. In reality, almost nothing you can see on the website, but almost everything that goes on behind the scenes – including the privilege of working with such a brilliant team.

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Sam Loveridge: Associate Editor

Currently loving...

Finally nabbed that Assassin's Creed Odyssey Platinum trophy so now it's on to all that DLC, but in between admiring Kassandra's arms, I'm all about the simulators - Frostpunk, Slime Rancher and Two Point Hospital just to name a few. 

Who am I? After realising fashion journalism definitely wasn't for me at Harper's Bazaar, I wandered back into my safe zone of tech journalism before landing a gig writing about my one true love: video games. I've worked at TrustedReviews and Digital Spy and dabbled with bouts of freelance, but wherever I've been I've always found a way to escape into the increasingly beautiful digital worlds and return to my life goal of being the very best, like no-one ever was.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm the lady in charge of getting all the reviews up on the website, so you can thank me for all those shining stars – or blame me for a lack of them. I also spend my time working my SEO magic to try and coax the Google Juice to flow in our favour.

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James Jarvis: Head of Video, Games

Currently loving...

Thanks to Netflix I've been binge watching Luther recently which I missed the first time around. On the game side of things I'm still sinking an unhealthy amount of time into Fortnite Battle Royale and trying to get to level 50 in Red Dead Online. Which as anyone who's tried or is trying to do the same will tell you is a challenge.

Who am I? I'm James. I started out as a temp on GamesRadar+ uploading 100's of screenshots to the website way back when custom screenshots were the hot new thing - sometime in the 2000's. After that I was part of the team that launched FirstPlay (now PlayStation Access) then moved across to overseeing the creation of  all the videos you see on this very site. Like Sauron. Oh I also co-hosted and produced a little GTA V show called GTA5o'clock and Red Dead2o'clock.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I help create all of the GR video content from reviews to previews and everything in-between. I also spend a lot of time thinking about what my dog will be called. In case you're interested he will be called Dominus and will live in the Ludus.

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Leon Hurley: Senior Channel Editor

Currently loving...

Having finally finished Red Dead Redemption 2 (a game loved but that also needed to be be about 25% shorter and ditch the open world) I'm currently playing a lot of Fallout 76. Despite the issues, the game I want is in there somewhere and dammit I'm going to try and find it. I'm also rattling around The Division a little ahead of the sequel.  

Who am I? After mixed career path of scientist, teacher and musician I ended up landing a job on Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. After working my way up the ranks there and eventually running the website, I helped launch and run Kotaku UK before joining GamesRadar+ to do news and tea. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm a senior channel editor.

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Lauren O'Callaghan: Entertainment Editor

Currently loving...

After seeing the intriguing trailer and listening to recommendations from others, I've recently delved into Netflix Original You, which follows stalker Joe (Penn Badgley) as he tries to 'help' crush Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Imagine Hannibal crossed with Nightcrawler to create one of the most charismatic and dangerous 'baddies' in TV history.

Who am I? I’ve worked for various big name magazines in the past, from Marie Claire to NME, but it wasn’t until I became Entertainment Editor at GamesRadar+ that I got to work closely with my passion: movies and TV. I oversaw the development of GR+’s entertainment coverage after it merged with Total Film and SFX magazine, and occasionally appear on Sky talking about Star Wars.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after all the movie and TV coverage on GR+ (as well as Total Film and SFX’s social channels) and occasional find time to write about Star Wars, and educate others on the intricacies of the MCU.

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Rachel Weber: Senior News Editor

Currently loving...

I'm using the relative quiet of January to catch up on some 2018 games I missed. I'm getting my horror fix with the lovably shonky Call of Cthulu, and going back for the DLC of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. There's my ride or die forever game too, Elder Scrolls Online, and I'm keeping my hand in with Red Dead Online

Who am I? After giving being an adult with a real office job a try - it was terrible - I scored a staff writer position at Official PlayStation Magazine way back in 2006, just as the PlayStation 3 was launching. In my five years there I dressed as a saloon wench, learned to rap, took swordfighting lessons and once fell down some stairs carrying a giant TV box. Good times. I left to do serious business type games news in 2013, before joining Rolling Stone's Glixel in 2016, where trusting people let me speak to Nathan Fillion and Buffy from Spike about games, and I got to meet a real sloth. Now I'm back with my Future family as Senior News Editor on GamesRadar+, and ready to rule as Khaleesi of news.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? If it's happening and it's cool, I want you to know about it. I don't actually have any dragons - HR won't allow it - but I do have a French Bulldog called Batman, which is close enough. 

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Josh West: Features Editor

Currently loving...

Command & Conquer: Rivals – Listen, it’s the best C&C game released in the last decade. I know that isn’t saying a great deal, but it’s true all the same. It’s a smart deconstruction of the real-time strategy genre and I’m having a whole load of fun with it. I have, admittedly, spent £10 on virtual currency for it but I blame my good friend Mr. Heineken for that one. 

Who am I? Hey, my name is Josh West. For the last six years I’ve been submerged in the wonderful world of magazines. I served as the Senior Staff Writer of X-ONE, Deputy Editor of games™ and Acting Editor of Play Digital. Prior to this, I worked the freelance circuit covering everything from comic books to psychedelic rock. Oh, and way before that I spent a couple of years as a child actor. Yes, that is a #humblebrag and, yes, I will give you £20 if you can find me in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I’m the new Features Editor! My plan is to deliver a smooth blend of long-form features and scorching hot takes. 

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Austin Wood: Staff Writer

Currently loving…

Currently loving... All the incredible indie games that help break up time vampires like Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World. At the moment, my favorite is Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. 

Who am I? I worked as a freelance games journalist for six years before wearily staggering into the house of GamesRadar+, where I was welcomed with open arms and a frankly alarming amount of dog GIFs. This means my soul is measured in content, and also that you may have seen me around. I've written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, IGN, RockPaperShotgun, Sports Illustrated, and plenty of others over the years. I also received a journalism degree at some point and they haven't asked for it back, so here I am, writing the best bad similes of my career. 

What do I do at GamesRadar? I write about the day-to-day goings on of the games industry. I spend most of my time picking out the important bits from the never-ending flood of trailers and announcements, but I also find some of my favorite stories in creative communities and weird rabbit holes. 

Lucas Sullivan: Managing Editor, US

Currently loving...

With the start of Season 4, I've been getting back into Rainbow Six Siege, and it feels like coming home. Ubisoft's tense FPS creates so many brilliant moments in every match, from clutch headshots to last-second bomb defusals, and I can't get enough. Endeavoring to learn new Operators and memorize the many facets of each map has me hooked all over again.

Who am I? Having grown up reading Nintendo Power and EGM, I always knew I wanted to write about games, so I studied hard in school to make it happen with a journalism degree. After graduating, I got my foot in the industry's door as an intern at PC Gamer, which eventually led to a gig at GamesRadar+ where everyone shares my quirky sense of humor and passion for games.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? After staying on my grind for a few years, I'm now a Managing Editor and the longest-standing member of GR+, holding things down in San Francisco. You can find me writing up everything from hands-on previews to idiosyncratic list features, secretly dreaming of the day when OlliOlli 2 takes the top spot on our Best Games Ever list.

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Brandon Saltalamacchia: Video Editor

Currently loving...

Fortnite has been stealing many hours from my life lately, alongside Shadow of War which I’ve just started getting in to. But honestly, I’m still waiting on Nintendo to release their new Pokemon RPG… The day that comes, is the day I go into hibernation.

Who am I? I grew up with a Gameboy in one hand and a Tamagotchi in the other, my love for gaming came early and so did my eye for video creation. At the age of 16 I started producing (pretty awful) gaming videos on YouTube, I then moved into consumer technology, and now 8 years on I am “pimping” game consoles and creating daily video content for the GamesRadar+ crew.

What do I do on Gamesradar+? Put simply, I edit videos! If you’ve watched our latest guides, reviews and weekly shows it’s a high chance that I’ve mashed it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro to make it look super fancy and enjoyable to consume! I work closely with James and Zoe to produce top notch content on all of the latest gaming and movie trends.

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Iain Wilson: Guides Editor

Currently loving...

Genuinely loving the recent raft of puzzle games on PS4/Vita, with Pic-a-Pix Pieces being my current Picross obsession. Still hitting up FIFA 19 in co-op Seasons, and getting incandescently furious about my team's performance.

Who am I? I joined Future in 2012 to write tips and guides for CVG, before moving on to join the GR+ team. I’m known to many as ‘Mr Trophy’ due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting intangible PlayStation silverware, and I now have over 100 Platinum pots weighing down the shelves in my virtual award cabinet. I do not care for Xbox Achievements.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after the guides on GamesRadar+, so spend most of my time either searching gaming’s darkened corners for those final elusive collectibles, or coming up with tips and advice to help you git gud.

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Zoe Delahunty-Light: Script Editor/Video Presenter

Currently loving...

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - finally managed to stop myself from procrastinating by doing side quests and am now tackling the main story, and dear god that's a stellar game. 

Who am I? Beginning a video game column in the University of Leeds' paper catapulted me into getting my dream job as GR's Online Editorial Graduate before becoming GR's Social Editor, and then GR's Script Editor/Video Presenter. Writing for Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesMaster, and GamesTM in my spare time, I’m currently beavering away at features, videos, reviews, and previews for GR. Occasionally I'll hibernate and do behemoth coverage of a release like Horizon Zero Dawn or Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. While also hoping an open-world mermaid RPG comes along soon. 

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Apart from obsessing over Elder Scrolls, I write scripts, deep-dive features about anything from post-apocalyptic cannibals to Game of Thrones' costumes, or I'll seek out completely necessary decapitation gifs for quick articles. As well managing GR's Facebook and Twitter channels (send any sweet gifs my way), I spend my time creating videos and trying not to cringe too much at my accent. It's difficult.

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Connor Sheridan: News Editor

Currently loving...

I'm playing Yakuza 0, and intend to continue picking my way through the story (with diversions here and there to help hapless citizens) until the day I die. I got an SNES Classic for Christmas though, and finally discovering all the secret exits in Super Mario World is also calling out to me...

Who am I? I started writing about video games at my college newspaper. That led to an internship at GameSpot and then to my position here at GR+. That was more than six years ago now, holy cow! In my spare time I play video games (duh) but I've also made a couple of my own, which you can check out on my Itch profile. I also enjoy riding my bicycle and playing D&D, so I'm basically an adult version of the Stranger Things kids. I call fighter.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I write news articles and features. I keep a close eye on any developments that relate to Overwatch emotes or Fortnite skins.

Follow Connor on Twitter: @c_sheridan

Alex Avard: Staff Writer

Currently loving...

I've just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, so I'm naturally spending all my free time still thinking about Red Dead Redemption 2, poring over all the little details of its surprisingly powerful story while crossing my fingers for some story DLC.

Who am I? I started at team GR+ as a local student on work experience (See? It's not always meaningless slave labour!), and I must have done something right, as I've been here in some form or another ever since. I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and learning something new about them every day is the best part of my job. 

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I focus on daily news and long-form features at GamesRadar+, with the odd review or preview thrown in for good measure. Every now and again I'll try to put my Politics degree to good use, exploring the wider intersections between this wonderful industry and the world we live in. 

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Bradley Russell: Entertainment News Writer

Currently loving...

I’m in the middle of a great big Yakuza binge at the moment. It’s really hard not to fall in love with the beautiful recreation of the bustling Japanese streets that populate every game in the series, but it’s the unique zaniness where the series shines brightest. Because where else can you belt out some karaoke one minute and lay the smackdown on diaper-wearing mob bosses the next?

Who am I? After four years of drowning in novels for my degree – including a year in Indiana (go Hoosiers!) – and a whole bunch of procrastinating, I’ve ended up here with the cool cats at GamesRadar+. I may or may not have been given the role because of my terrible Power Rangers puns. Living, breathing proof that you don’t need millions of internships to get where you want, just a bit of passion, skill, and a slice of luck.

What do I do at GamesRadar+? I’m the entertainment news writer. If it involves Game of Thrones, anything MCU-related, or Star Wars then I’m your man. Also, still getting used to the Oxford comma and I'm trying to sneak in roughly a million groan-worthy puns into anything and everything.

Follow Bradley on Twitter: @1bradleyrussell

Andy Hartup: Managing Editor, Hardware Team

Currently loving...

Rayman Legends - Look, I got it free with PlayStation Plus a couple of months ago and I'm catching up. It's a wonderfully inventive platformer, and something I can play with my son. Plus, I'm the only person on the planet not playing Fortnite.

Who am I? After founding the video game section, then editing my University newspaper for a year, I landed my first proper job on an unofficial Xbox magazine called XBM as staff writer. Since then I've edited Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, Official PSP Magazine, Xbox World, and a bunch of other print titles, before joining GamesRadar+ back in 2013. Back then, the UK team was just me, Dave Houghton and Justin Towell, but I now manage a brilliant team of eight and a bunch of super-talented freelancers. The highlight of my career, to date, has been interviewing Rory McCann - who plays The Hound in Game of Thrones - and having him swear at me.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? A bit of everything. I manage the UK team and coordinate all features across the site. I dabble in the dark arts of SEO, make loads of spreadsheets, send plenty of emails, infrequently make tea, and sometimes - on sweet, rare occasions - I get to write a feature about Destiny, Game of Thrones, or Battlefield 1.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyHartup

Rob Dwiar: Staff Writer, Hardware

Currently loving…

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - I know it’s only going to be a shortish ride in Senua’s weird, painful and intriguingly-beautiful world, but I’m already beguiled by the lore, sound design and environments. Combat’s a little sluggish and enemies are a bit spongy though aren’t they. Next up is either finishing The Last Guardian or starting Doom.

Who am I? After a stint at a horticultural mag and then in landscape design (it’s not as glamorous as it may sound), I found my full-time games-industry writing role on GamesRadar+ hardware team recently. Before joining the team, alongside my previous landscape-y life, I wrote a fair few features within the games industry about videogame landscapes and environments - I also gave a talk on the subject in London last year and still love smashing those two worlds together when I can. Elsewhere, I follow West Ham through thin and thin, play guitar and golf (sometimes), and read books and, of course, play games whenever I can - damn you, time.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Primarily I write about everything hardware at GamesRadar+ covering, well, everything that is hardware, but I’m most adept when it comes to consoles and their accessories. You’ll definitely see me pop up elsewhere on the site from time to time though.

 Follow Rob on Twitter: @RobDwiar

Benjamin Abbott: Staff Writer, Hardware

Currently loving...

Fallout 76, because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. While it’s deeply flawed, I’m having fun nonetheless as I uncover the twisted history of Appalachia (and glitches where I’m inexplicably left running around in my pants). I’m also the “PvP guy” in my Destiny 2 clan because I’m hooked on Crucible and Gambit. 

Who am I? Thanks to a chance encounter in the store where I worked, ex-GamesRadar staffer Justin Towell helped me go from aspiring video game critic to Metro.co.uk blogger and, with the assistance of Andy Hartup, a GR freelancer. Although there were some detours along the way (namely a stint in education, PR, and my family’s animal rescue), I finally wound up where I’ve always dreamed of being - right here.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I look after many of our buying guides, deals, and tech reviews on GamesRadar as part of the Hardware Team. You’ll occasionally see me pop up elsewhere on the site, too - I’ve got a particular soft-spot for guides.

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Alan Bradley: Senior Hardware Writer

Currently loving...

Tetris Effect - The latest and arguably the best Tetris game ever made (though Tetris Battle Gaiden will always be king of my heart), I can't stop messing with it both in and out of VR. Turns out adding events and social stuff to Tetris makes for an even more dangerously addictive cocktail.


Who am I? I've been building PCs since I was practically an infant, and I've loved games my entire life. I started writing about them professionally about a decade ago after an unfortunate detour through the corporate world, and I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I'm also way into books, Gundam, tabletop RPGs, (American) football, Formula One, and way more other hobbies than I have time for.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I write about hardware at GR and cover everything from new console tech to PC components, all the way down to keyboards and mice. 

Follow Alan on Twitter: @chapelzero

Gabe Carey: Senior Hardware Writer

Currently loving...

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - It's been years since I've played one of these games, and boy am I glad I returned to the series for this one. Now that I've mastered the daggers, it's the open-world God of War game I was hoping for last year. Marry Greek mythology to fast-paced combat and BotW-style traversal and maybe I'm in love?

Who am I? I'm the guy who petitioned to change the US national anthem to the popular Sonic Adventure 2 track "Escape from the City" back in 2016, and I'm still profiting off the T-shirt sales. Before that, though, I was building websites and writing words about gaming and technology – for free – before I realized I could do it for a salary. After founding my brainchild, the now-defunct Current Digital Magazine, almost five years ago, I was picked up as a freelance reporter for the similarly named Digital Trends. Then I worked for TechRadar, then PCMag and now...

What do I do on GamesRadar+? I'm covering video game hardware of all sorts: controllers, consoles, laptops, monitors. You name it, I'm there.

Follow Gabe on Twitter: @thegabecarey

Ben Wilson: Lead Sports Writer

Currently loving...

FIFA 19 Ultimate team - I’ve written about this countless times – including a guide on how I made millions of coins without spending any real moolah – but this year’s FUT really does thump all other sports game modes. Alright, just one more Squad Building Challenge before bedtime…

Who am I? I’ve been writing about sports and games – and therefore sports games – for 16 years since a post-Uni stint at Nickelodeon, and can lay claim to being the longest serving editor in Official PlayStation Magazine history. I departed OPM Towers in 2014 to become a full-time dad, but am proud to be able to juggle nappy changes and Horrid Henry binges with my role as GR+’s roving, raving man-o’ -sports. I also write football and wrestling words for FourFourTwo, The Guardian, and Talksport.

What do I do on GamesRadar+? Anything and everything related to football (UK and US), hockey, baseball and wrestling. Plus various entertainment bits as directed by Lauren, when she isn’t ignoring my pleas to run more features on the site about Cool Runnings. Or, indeed, any features on the site about Cool Runnings.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @BenjiWilson

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