The best cheap PS5 SSD deals in February 2024

Best cheap PS5 SSD deals
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The best cheap PS5 SSD deals at the moment are a sorry state of affairs. After well over a year of sustained low prices and constant deals, SSDs have finally gone back up in price, to a level that's hard to stomach as someone who covers them for a living. Where you could get 1TB fairly easily for around $60/£60, you'd now struggle to find something lower than $90/£90. Regardless, we've found the very best deals we can down below.

We've tried our best to feature a good selection of the best PS5 SSDs for this list. We want to recommend you products we've tested since that's a way we can guarantee a good deal. The one thing we should stress about some of the best cheap PS5 SSD deals is that some of them won't include heatsinks, and it's very important you get one of these separately if you opt for one of these. Heatsinks are vital to ensuring the best performance and the best lifespan of your drive, so don't ignore them. That's where one of the best PS5 heatsinks can come in handy. 

If you're looking for an alternative, or additional, storage space solution, then our roundup of the best external PS5 hard drives is sure to be a safe bet as well. What we like about an internal SSD, however, is that it not only increases storage but can help with your console's day-to-day performance. Head below to find the best cheap PS5 SSD deals on the market now. 

Best cheap PS5 SSD deals – US

Crucial T500 Plus 1TB | $143.99 $84.99 at Amazon

Crucial T500 Plus 1TB | $143.99 $84.99 at Amazon
Save $59 - The new T500 is the updated version of the P5 Plus SSD that we know and love from Crucial. THis version is the cheapest we could find, but it doesn't come with the heatsink attached. Although that model is currently discounted on the same retail page, this is the best value for money as you can buy a heatsink separately for cheaper.


Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB | $119.99 $109.80 at Amazon
Save $10 - It may not seem like much of a saving, but you'll struggle to find better value for money at the moment. The heatsink model is also on sale, but this main deal is worth highlighting if you're looking to save as much as possible.


Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink | $119.99 $99.99 at Best Buy
Save $20 -
If you want an SSD with a heatsink already attached, you can grab this Samsung 980 pro with a $40 saving at the moment. This drive's price has dropped since the 990 Pro came out, but in terms of SSDs with heatsinks, you won't find much better value than this.


WD Black SN850X 1TB | $129.99 $84.99 at Amazon
Save $45
- One of the very best all-around SSDs for gaming on the market is up for grabs under $100 here. Playing the non-heatsink game may get you down $10 or $20 cheaper, but with either, you're getting a top performer below that horrible $100 price. The heatsink model can be found on sale at Amazon too.


Crucial P5 Plus 2TB | $151.99 $121.99 at Best Buy
Save $15 - This legendary SSD from the last few years is in a clearance sale since it's been discontinued. If it's 2TB on a budget you seek, this is great. As stock clears properly, it's unlikely to get cheaper, but for this money at this point in its life you're basically getting a collector's item.

Best cheap PS5 SSD deals – UK


Crucial P3 Plus 500GB | £65.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Save £21 - A super cheap way to get some expanded storage is to go for an extra 500GB. This Crucial drive will help anyone tackle the latest next-gen games for a while if used sparingly. You do need a separate heatsink but this will still do the job.


Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink | £101.49 £87.99 at Amazon
Save £5 - The 980 Pro is still one of the best value SSDs for gaming you'll find at the moment, especially its heatsink model which is on offer here. While it usually sees a slightly higher price than its competitors, this is relatively close to its non-heatsink model in terms of price at the moment.


WD Black SN770 2TB | £129.99 £115.99 at Amazon
Save £15 - for a 2TB drive with this kind of pedigree this isn't bad. It's an older model so don't expect the best performance, but it's more than enough to keep up with the PS5, and 2TB of space is more than enough.


WD Black SN850X 1TB with Heatsink | £197.26 £94.00 at Amazon
Save £124 - Now, this is a real deal. At more than half-price off its original listed price, this WD Black SN850X 1TB SSD is not far off its cheapest ever price. For folks in the know, that listed price may not be the most accurate you'll find, but even its average price on Amazon is £100, so you're still getting a great reduction.

Verbatim Vi7000G in a PS5, sitting next to an RGB keyboard

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Is it worth waiting for Black Friday PS5 SSD deals?

If you're in the market for expanding your PS5 storage by quite some size (say 2TB to 4TB), we'd strongly recommend you wait for Black Friday deals to appear either on the day or in the week leading up to the event. Your money will likely go further if you do hang on. For anyone wanting to pick up a 1TB or lower, there will be savings but these will only be small in comparison. 

What SSD do you need for PS5?

There are a few strict requirements that an NVMe SSD needs in order to work natively inside your PS5. Firstly, it needs to be Gen 4.0 with a minimum sequential read speed of at least 5,500 MB/s, 22mm in width, and have some form of heatsink attached. Many PS5 SSDs now come with their own included heatsinks, either built on or external in the package to replace the system tray, but if not, you can pick them up cheaply enough. 

Why does my PS5 only have 667.2 GB usable storage?

Although the claimed storage space available on the PS5 is 825 GB, realistically, you're looking at 667.2 GB once you factor in the operating system and included software. This is still enough space for a few games on the go at once, but as next-gen games continue to get larger, it can be really useful to have more storage space to play with. 

God of War Ragnarok's file size is 84.09 GB while Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is reportedly 147.57 GB, for example. These two titles are prime examples of how sooner or later, most people will need to expand their storage if they don't want to keep deleting/downloading games on a regular basis. 

Is 1TB SSD enough for PS5?

We personally feel like 1TB is the sweet spot for most PS5 players as it more than doubles your overall available storage for competitive rates. It's in striking that crucial price-to-performance ratio that the true strengths of these Gen 4x4 models can excel. However, for those after more overhead, 2TB can give you even more breathing room. Given that price of SSDs in general is coming down, you may find you have enough in your budget for some 2TB options that offer you a little more futureproofing, so be sure to be on the lookout for them.

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