Best PS5 heatsink 2024: keep your internal storage cool

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The best PS5 heatsinks will help you keep your cool. At least, they'll help your SSD keep its cool when you ask it to load the latest technically demanding game at a rate of knots. Modern SSDs are extremely speedy, but they produce a lot of heat as a byproduct, and to keep them operating properly and save you the money of buying a new one, it's important to slap a heatsink on it.   

Since the M.2 SSD slot in your console can house some of the best SSDs for gaming in the wider market, you don't want to waste your money by letting things degrade from overheating. A PS5 heatsink will not only protect your SSD but will also protect the console - ensuring that excess heat doesn't build up in the inner organs of your PlayStation. If you've spent a lot of money on your PS5, one of the best PS5 SSDs, and then a small fortune on a few digital games, the last thing you want is to see it all get damaged from too much heat building up. One of the best PS5 heatsinks will keep things safe, cool, and ensure the best performance possible.

Of course, all this DIY and component talk isn't for everyone. If you're still on the fence about getting an internal SSD, you could always make your life a bit simpler and get one of the best PS5 external hard drives. While you won't be able to play PS5 games off an external SSD, you can now store games on one, which makes life a bit easier. 

Best PS5 heatsink

PS5 SSDs with Heatsinks

If you are after a PlayStation 5 SSD that already has a heatsink attached, you'll find all the latest prices on the best models just below. 

Best PS5 Heatsink: FAQs

What is a PS5 SSD heatsink?

A heatsink is, in essence, a structure that attaches to your SSD and keeps it cool by taking away the heat made by the drive. One of the few downsides to  Gen 4 NVMe SSDs is that they produce a lot of heat, so heatsinks are vital to giving them a long life. They can come in many forms from simple single-sided sheets that just cover the top of an SSD, to double-sided wrap-around units that house the whole stick.

Is a heatsink necessary for PS5?

If you plan on adding an additional SSD to your PS5 console then you absolutely need a heatsink. It is a crucial accompaniment to any SSD you slot in for extra storage and Sony only recommends having an SSD if you also combine it with a heatsink. Heatsinks aren't nearly as expensive as the SSD they'll protect, and there are frequent PS5 deals where you can get them on the cheap.

Of course, if you're adding SSD storage in an external capacity then no heatsink will be required!

Will any heatsink work with PS5?

The key thing to address here is to make sure that the total (SSD + heatsink) size doesn't exceed Sony's recommendations, and indeed the actual SSD bay's dimensions. These are as follows (all maximums): a width of up to 25mm; a length of up to 110mm; and a thickness of up to 11.25mm.

However, you shouldn't have to worry too much about this now as all the best PS5 heatsinks that are geared directly toward the console will have been designed with the size requirements factored in already.

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