Zod Off

Will the Man of Steel kneel before Zod in Bryan Singer's sequel to Superman Returns? Not likely, according to Brandon Routh, the chap who filled the lycra in the first film.

And he should know. Why, he's probably picking up the wail of police sirens in Chorley even as we speak. Despite a low-level background hum of internet chatter that claims Singer will resurrect the tidy-bearded Phantom Zone tyrant (memorably played by Terence Stamp in the original brace of Richard Donner's Superman movies), Routh tells Empire's online site that Singer aims to carve out a brand new Big Bad: "I don't know how much we want to reprise characters that have appeared in the series before, since we've reset and used the first film to pay homage to all that's come before it. Now I think Bryan might want to go somewhere new with it, which I think will be exciting."

Why, we're excited already. So long as it's not Lee Evans as fifth-dimensional imp Mr Mxyzptlk...