Spandex romance!

How was Valentine's Day for you? If you're still smarting that the postie didn't develop spinal complications as a consequence of delivering sackloads of cards, chocs and assorted romantically-inclined, wallet-emptying mush to your front door, take comfort. Perhaps there's an entirely fictional, two-dimensional lover waiting for you within the wacky world of comic books!

Okay. Not much of a comfort. We meant well.

To find your ideal parahuman partner simply head on over to where you'll be bombarded with a brain-melting amount of deeply personal questions, designed to rummage around in the most libidinous part of your psyche and calculate your perfect match using The Power of Pyschology Itself. And someone's polybagged, carefully indexed comic book collection, we'll wager.

Go on. Feed your spandex fetish. But don't blame us if you end up on a candlelit dinner date with The Red Skull.