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Simon Pegg in Ice Age 3

Simon "Spaced" Pegg will join the cast of the third Ice Age instalment this year. He'll provide the voice of Buck, a swashbuckling, one-eyed weasel who helps Manny and the group navigate the world of the dinosaurs.

Our old buddy Pegg - who we're also looking forward to seeing in the role of Scotty in Star Trek this may - said of his role in Ice Age 3, “It's been a blast bringing Buck to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two films, so it was a real treat to become part of the Ice Age family. What's more I get to be in 3D!"

Yep, Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs will be released in the UK on 1 July and for the first time will also be available in digital 3D.

You can watch the Ice Age 3 trailer here .

Meanwhile, Pegg fans should check out issue 182 of SFX which features the new Mr Scott talking about the original Enterprise engineer as part of our massive exclusive celebration of the forthcoming Star Trek movie . SFX 182 hits newsstands on Wednesday 8 April.