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See Saw? Now See Chainsaw

Twisted Pictures - the production company behind the neverending Saw films – is closing a deal with Newline to take over the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, reports Variety . And the plan is – you'll never guess – to take Leatherface into 3D territory.

Since Newline relaunched the Chainsaw series in 2003, the distributor has partnered with production company Platinum Dunes on a film-by-film basis on a remake and a sequel. However, talks about a third collaboration broke down and Twisted Pictures has stepped in. According to Variety’s sources, the Twisted deal is for multiple movies, kicking off with a 3D film scripted by Stephen (The Grudge) Susco. Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg and Oren Koules will produce.

It could be a lucrative move. The 2003 remake cost $9.5 million to make and made $110 million worldwide.