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SCI FI site turns Asteroids into Desktop Blaster

Back in issue 182 we printed our top 20 videogames that we reckon every sci-fi fan should have played. It was a tough call to come up with just 20, and some acknowledged classics were left off the list.

Asteroids, for instance, didn't make it. Despite being set in space, we couldn't help feeling that there wasn't really much science fiction about the gameplay. Great fun, but it's all in the concept.

Setting the record straight, Pete Holley over at the UK's SCI FI Channel website reminisces fondly about classic Asteroids.

He's partly inspired by the channel's new fun little game Desktop Blaster. SCI FI have set up a game (for PC or Mac) in which you control a spaceship shooting at the icons and folders on your desktop instead of at, well, asteroids. Check Desktop Blaster out here .