Sanctuary goes online

If you've been reading our news section you'll know all about Sanctuary. If not, here's a quick primer.

In a nutshell, it's a sci-fi show that's airing online instead of on the telly. It follows Dr Helen Magnus (Stargate's Amanda Tapping) as she seeks out all manner of terrifying and monstrous creatures. Together with a protege and her daughter, she's "drawn into a frightening and mysterious world populated by beings that defy explanation". Eek. Billed as "the first broadcast caliber online sci-fi series", some are saying it's the next big step in the future of our genre.

Sanctuary's first run will comprise eight 15-minute "webisodes", which are being released online at the rate of about one a fortnight, and the first instalment was made available yesterday. It'll cost you, mind - they've got to turn a profit somehow, so your 15 minutes of drama will set you back $1.89. We reckon there are more than a few Stargate fans out there who can spare that!(and if you pre-buy a "bundle" of episodes, it works out cheaper)

To register to watch the show, head over to

Is it the future of our genre? Or just a canny way of flogging what would otherwise be direct-to-video fare? Be sure to let us know what you think.