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Rumor: Doctor Strange to make his first appearance in Iron Fist

If this latest Marvel-related rumor comes true, Doctor Strange will make his first appearance long before his own solo movie. According to a recent piece of intel from Bleeding Cool it’s believed that the sorcerer supreme is set to debut in Marvel’s Netflix series Iron Fist.

While the nature of Marvel’s vast cinematic universe encourages crossovers wherever possible, the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch’s onscreen introduction taking place in another superhero-led property could lessen the impact of his proper reveal in 2016’s Doctor Strange. However, the site goes on to imply that the nature of his involvement may be limited to a simple voice cameo which seems far more likely than a full-blown visual outing.

With the first Marvel-Netflix series Daredevil now confirmed for a second season, AKA Jessica Jones currently in production and Luke Cage in pre-production it’s going to be a while before Iron Fist bows on the streaming service. So there's plenty of time for an Marvel-sanctioned announcement concerning the Doc's debut. As it stands, Doctor Strange will officially arrive in cinemas on November 4, 2016.

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