Rubber ducks. Yes. Rubber ducks.

We really enjoy the barking mad end of merchandising, where it's clear someone's come up with an idea after knocking back half a dozen gins. That's definitely the category these two pieces of giftware fall into.

First up, let us present: "Duck Fadar" (their spelling, not ours, we hasten to add). Yes. It's a rubber duck. And he has a Darth Vader helmet on.

Secondly, here's his squeezy plastic chum, who's wearing a Tom Baker-style scarf, and is called... Ducktor Who. DUCKtor Who. Did you see what they did there? Ruddy genius.

He comes in his own TARDIS shaped box. The Police Box is, of course, the property of the BBC nowadays (after a big legal battle with the Metropolitan Police) so we hope the manufacturers cleared this, or they're gonna need some very expensive lawyers...

Both are available to buy from a gift site called

The only tie-in tat we've seen lately that tops this is the
Cthulhu Christmas Stocking. But can you top these three examples of merchandise madness? If so, please do let us know...

Author: Ian Berriman