Mark Millars Miracle Park

And so finally we have some details about that low budget superhero movie Kick-Ass writer Mark Miller is directing

IGN has scooped the exclusive on Kick-Ass writer Mark Miller’s mysterious new venture, a low budget superhero movie he’s directing now revealed to be called Miracle Park .

The film is set in contemporary Scotland, and is described as a “dark, unique superhero story” that “focuses on a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government. Apparently it’s going to have a Trainspotting meets The X-Men vibe and “breaks all the taboos of superhero cinema and offers a completely new take on the genre.” It’s being shot hand held-style. Maybe that’s a stylistic choice, or maybe the film is so low budget they can’t afford tripods.

Principal photography finishes at the end of October and Millar expects to be in post-production until January when the teaser trailer will be released.

Anyone else think it sounds a little like Misfits the movie?

Click on the image to go to IGN where there are loads more pictures.

Dave Golder
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