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Legend of Chun Li trailer goes live

Lana Li

The Japanese trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li was unveiled just before Christmas, and the English-language version is now available for scrutiny - although if you saw the Japanese version, the English one probably won't impact on any opinions you've already formed.

The verdict here at SFX is a general "meh". There's no sign of Chunners' iconic blue dress, which is disappointing, and it's hard not to think of Kristen Kreuk as just being a slightly more kick-ass Lana Lang. Still, any complaints we have about her not looking the part are massively overshadowed by how very, very wrong Neal "Tin Man" McDonough looks as M Bison. And why does it all look so dreary? At least Dragonball: Evolution looks like it'll be fun.

Check out the high-res version at IGN .