Heroic Death

E! Online’s columnist Kristin Dos Santos has revealed that reliable insiders close to Heroes have told her that one of the show’s stars has asked to leave at the end of series three citing a lack of screen time as the reason. She goes on to say that NBC has not decided whether to release the actor from their contract, but that a death is planned (however, death is never final in Heroes – you kind of stop caring when you know that anyone can be resurrected).

While Santos won’t reveal who it is she does a few clues:

* It's a series regular who's been on since season one.
* Some of you fans would freak if this actor were to leave.
* This particular Hero-ice soul has more name recognition than others in the cast.
* According to Peacock-net insiders, NBC is not likely to release this actor. (See number three.)
* If this actor does return for season four, there's an easy way to bring him or her back from the planned "death."

Ali Larter has definitely had issues with her screen time in the past, so it could be her. But what do you think? Or do you think it’s all a moot point because the show’s got a limited life span anyway?

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