Heroes clips and pics!

We’re loving Heroes, the TV show about several ordinary people who discover they have super-powers such as telepathy or indestructibility.

When the series kicked-off in the US, it was that evening’s most-watched programme, and now it’s coming to our shores. At 10pm on 19 February 2007 you can watch the first episode on the SCI FI Channel.

For now, feast your eyes on these behind the scenes clips to discover more about the characters:
Clare Profile (512k QuickTime)
Nikki Profile (256k QuickTime)
Mohinder Profile (512k QuickTime)
Peter Profile (512k QuickTime)

And here are the trailers ...
Short (35 seconds, Windows Media)
Long (1 min 5 seconds, Windows Media)

Here’s a bonus poster image (click here ). You can find out more at the official SCI FI Channel site here . Enjoy!