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There's more boozy brawling in final Jessica Jones trailer

Continuing Netflix's small screen relationship with Marvel is this month's Jessica Jones, the second of its four superhero-centric series that's just dropped its second full-length trailer. Much like the first, this two-minute preview sets the stage for Jones' upcoming first season arc which includes a crossing with David Tennant's nefarious baddie. And plenty of her signature sarcasm.

Kristen Ritter's in her element kicking bad guy butt as the titular hero, whose attempts to bounce back from her former super-powered life as a private investigator lead her toward bigger and more dangerous obstacles. Namely, Kilgrave, who lords his capabilities over Jones once more in this trailer, an adversary whose mind control techniques are some of the most terrifying in Marvel history...

Keeping up the style and tone of previous teasers, there's a dash of detective prowess and some romantic heat Jessica stirs up with fellow superhero Luke Cage. After all, she'll need help to stave off the telepathic villainy of The Purple Man. All 13 episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones season one arrive on Netflix November 20.

Gem Seddon
Gem Seddon

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