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Exclusive Demons application and official game

Did you catch Demons last weekend? What did you think? Will you be watching again this Saturday?

If you were intrigued by the concept, check out ITV's new online game based on the series. Developed by developer Playgroup, Demons – The Game picks up the action on the dark streets of London. You assume the role of Luke (descendent of Bram Stoker's Van Helsing) bagging as many of the demonic "freaks" as possible, with the help of Ruby and Mina and the information in The Stacks. Once defeated, your half life conquests are stored in cells in The Stacks, and you can show your achievements to your online mates. Energy levels are boosted by correctly answering a series of Demons questions.

Meanwhile don't forget to get the totally free SFX guide to Demons - a downloadable PC and Mac application that delivers features about the show, photos and interviews with the cast, and a brilliant interactive map of Britain’s scariest places. It features the very best haunted castles, ghostly sightings, grisly locations and mysterious happenings, placed on a Google Maps mash-up. Visit to get it.