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BLOG Why I follow Wesley Crusher

From Star Trek to Twitter - SFX reader Jamie Starbuck reveals why he's following Wil Wheaton online:

Think back to when you were at school. Did you ever have the idle daydream: what will Karen Matthews be like in ten or 20 years time? Always assuming you knew a Karen Matthews, obviously. I used to play the game all the time and now, over 15 years later I can say, hand on heart, I got it all completely wrong.

This blog was written by Jamie Starbuck, one of our new volunteer bloggers , who'll begin contributing regularly from later in the month. Read more about our other contributors in the next issue of SFX, on sale Wednesday 11 March.

Are you following any sci-fi celebs on Twitter, Facebook or via their own websites? Do you agree that Wheaton is one of the most interesting bloggers? Let us know in the comment threads below (and remember that you can follow SFX on Twitter too).