BLOG Lost on iTunes

Are you watching Lost or Battlestar on iTunes? Blogger Steve Gaythorpe discusses the highs and lows of looking for legitimate catch-up downloads:

Hello, my name is Steven I am sci-fi/fantasy fan who doesn't own Sky. There are various reasons for this, but I won't bore you with them at the moment, maybe in the future. The only reasons, to my mind, for owning Sky are SCI FI Channel and new series of Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

This is the personal opinion of Steve Gaythorpe, one of our new volunteer bloggers , who'll begin contributing regularly from later in the month. Read more about Steve in the next issue of SFX, on sale Wednesday 11 March.

How are you catching up on your favourite programmes when you miss the UK broadcast? iTunes? iPlayer? Sky Plus or TiVo or some other PVR box? Let the world know…