Amazing new Spider-Man trailer online

A king-size new trailer for Spider-Man 3 has gone online, with nearly eight minutes of glorious Spider goodness – even if you weren’t fussed about the movie before, this glimpse at Sam Raimi’s third arachno-chapter will get your web shooters in a twist.

So why are we so excited about it? Well, Peter Parker’s plan to propose to Mary Jane is soon sidetracked by an extended, spectacular and surprisingly brutal action sequence, in which a civvie-clad Parker faces off against best mate-turned-Green Goblin Mk II Harry Osborn. The ad is wrapped up with a tantalising “The Story Continues” montage, complete with new Sandman shots and a blink-and-you’ll miss it Venom snarl. What more could you want on a Tuesday morning?

But be quick. The trailer is only online for 24 hours, and will disappear in the small hours of Wednesday morning. Catch it while you still can, courtesy of NBC .