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300 Scriptwriter Creates Paranormal TV Show

Spy surveillance show brings X-Files spookiness up to data (that's a pun, not a typo)

The idea behind the show comes the controversial US electronic eavesdropping apparatus ECHELON, which allegedly captures all the zillions of data signals flying round the planet – video files, texts, images and suchlike sent from phones, and laptops by wireless means – for analysis at a central hub in West Virginia. These millions of files are then disseminated to various federal and local law enforcement agencies for further investigation. (Can you imagine what a tedious job that must be, wading through millions of text from bored teenagers going “I h8 life”?)

The show, though, concerns itself with the “less than one per cent of the data that nobody wants to touch. These are the classified video files that seem to have captured the unexplainable.” That’s dealt with by a fictional team called GHOST (Global Hierarchical Observation Strategy Taskforce) whose assignment it is to investigate this paranormal data.