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Zombie T-Shirt Available To Buy Now

We've got a new t-shirt you're going to love if you're a fan of all things undead!

SFX 's latest special issue, Zombies: The Ultimate Guide , is now on sale. Read all about it here !

The mag comes with three free gifts, one of which is a double-sided A1 poster. On one side of that is some rather brilliant art by artist Matt Talbot , who's drawn us a piece in the style of a classic wartime propaganda poster. We liked this so much that we've decided to add it to SFX 's range of original t-shirts .Check it out below (click on the image to see a larger version of the design).

You can buy one now by going to the SFX merch site . The shirt costs £15, and as Henry Ford might have said, you can have it in any colour... just so long as it's black. We're a bit more flexible when it comes to sizes though, with everything from S to XL available.

Incidentally, if that doesn't sate your zombie t-shirt urges, why not check out the full range of zombie tees available, which includes Dawn Of The Dead and Walking Dead designs?