Writers hired for Justice League film

Warner Brothers have taken the first big step towards making a Justice League of America film by hiring a pair of writers to knock out a script.

Kieran and Michele Maloney are the scribes. If you’re going, “Who they?” we don’t blame you. They recently penned Mirrors, a remake of Korean horror flick Into the Mirror, which is just about to start filming. Oh, and Kieran’s also an actor with a couple of small credits on Enterprise and Next Gen to his name! Versatile.

Over the years, dozens of characters have been members of the DC superhero team, with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter making up the original 1960 line-up. Back then, the JLA were such a success that Marvel hit back with their own team: the Fantastic Four.

Anyhow, if this did happen it would be very cool. But we can’t see it happening. Well, not in the short term, anyway. Not as a live-action film. I mean, the Superman and Batman franchises have both been resurrected and are ticking along nicely, with new films in the pipeline. Wonder Woman and Flash movies are in development too. That creates all sorts of logistical nightmares. And can you see Christian Bale signing up for this? We can’t. Maybe the smartest move would be to make an animated feature...

Source: Variety.