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We Need YOUR Questions for Bruce Campbell

Thanks to everyone who posted questions, we've now got enough!

Loyal readers of SFX will know of our regular feature called The Fannish Inquisition: it's where we ask readers for their questions and then put them to a star of the silver screen. We'll be doing another one shortly and this time the subject of our grilling will be the inimitable Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead films, Bubba Ho-Tep, Hercules and Xena and more.

So, what could you ask him about? The best way to clean a chainsaw, maybe? What it's like having such a marvellous chin? Or maybe you could ask him something about his new film. In My Name Is Bruce , Campbell plays himself; mistaken for his on-screen persona Ash, he ends up battling a Chinese god of war in a small mining town. The film's getting a limited theatrical release on 13 February before going to DVD and Blu-ray on 2 March.

To submit your question, no matter how serious or silly (just keep it clean!) either:
* Add a comment to this article
* Post in this forum thread
* Or email

A selection of the best questions will be put to Bruce and printed in a future issue of SFX.