Watch the first minute from the new The X-Files

Ahead of its premiere later this month Fox has released the first minute from the upcoming revival of The X-Files. It's a tantalising clip taken from the premiere episode that should appease fans desperate for a further look at the upcoming series. Serving more as a recap of the original series - which ran from 1993-2002 - than a revelatory teaser, fans will be pleased to know that clicking play won't deliver a slew of spoilers.

David Duchovny's Special Agent Mulder kicks off the video with a voiceover that sums up previous events to aid newbies. “My name is Fox Mulder. Since my childhood, I’ve been obsessed by a controversial global phenomenon.” From thereon he describes his time at the FBI, and the arcing mythology surrounding extraterrestrials which kept him and partner Special Agent Dana Scully in pursuit of the truth for years. Will they find it in this new season?

Co-starring Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Robbie Amell, Joel McHale and Lauren Ambrose, The X-Files returns for a six-episode season with a two-night US premiere on Sunday, January 24 and Monday, January 25. The series will air in the UK on Channel 5 in February.

Images: Fox

Gem Seddon

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