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Vote For Your Favourite Vampire Films

We need to find out what the greatest vampire films of all time are, and you can help us out

Garlic, sunlight, crosses, holy water – for a race that have so many weaknesses, vampires are ridiculously hard to kill, as proven by their near ubiquity at the cinema. Dracula alone has 274 entries on IMDb. Though some of these are episodes of TV shows – Doctor Who , Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Supernatural are just a few of the shows to have featured Dracula in one form or another – that’s still a lot of films for one vampire. Throw in all the vampire films which don’t feature Dracula himself, and you’re looking at a lot of films.

Feel free to nominate your own films, but there's a list of 100 suggestions below to help you out.

With 100 films to choose from, picking just one is bound to be difficult, so we’re asking you to vote for up to three from the list below. Voting is open until 5 November. The results will appear in the next SFX Vampires Special in early 2012.