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US Telefantasy Ratings Round-Up

So, how are Being Human , Chuck and The Cape faring in the audience stakes? Okay, okay and oh dear, basically…

The debut of the US version of Being Human averaged 2 million viewers, which is kind of the right side of average for Syfy in the States. It’s lower than Syfy’s established series, Eureka and Warehouse 13 , and less than Haven ’s premiere last year (2.3 million viewers) but much better than Caprica ever achieved (that premiered to 1.6 million viewers last January). Still, you have to wonder if Syfy might be slightly disappointed, considering the promotion they’ve been giving it.

On the other hand, Syfy did take the odd decision to schedule it against another telefantasy show, NBC’s The Cape , which moved to its regular Monday night slot this week. Being Human may have taken a hit because of that (maybe there’ll be huge timeshifted figures), but then again, The Cape hardly grabbed a massive audience – episode three plunged 27 percent in viewers to 6.2 million. Ouch.

Chuck , meanwhile, bumbles along pretty much the same as ever. With its first post Christmas episode it nabbed 5.92 million viewers, it’s third highest rating of the season.