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SHOCK AND GORE Tell Us Your Favourite Gory Zombie Moments

With the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead in our minds, SFX is working on a special celebration packed with all manner of undead entertainment.

But there's one section that we want you, dear SFX reader, to help us with. The zombie genre is all about the art of dismemberment, disemboweling, headshots, limb-hacking and general evisceration – either of humans or the undead themselves.

So we'd like you to vote for the grisliest, goriest, awesomest zombie attack, be in it movies, on TV, comics – or even in a novel, if its text leaves a visceral vision seared into your memory.

If you have a favourite zombie moment (the bloodier the better, to be honest), send in your suggestions and those that get the most mentions, will make it into the book (and we'll probably list a few of the better suggestions that didn't make the final cut).

Send us your nominations (with a brief description of why you like them so much) by email or Twitter (please use the hashtag #sfxzombiegore ) or by leaving a comment below before Friday 24 August. Thanks in advance, zombie fans!