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Its Official: Human Torch Is Captain America

There were rumours over the weekend, but now Marvel has confirmed it: Chris Evans is The First Avenger

The Hollywood Reporte r printed rumour at the weekend, but now Marvel has confirmed the casting, and a release date of 22 July 2011. The deal calls for Evans to star in at least three Captain America movies, plus appearances in The Avengers movie and possibly other Marvel “shared universe” film projects.

Dunno about you, but we’re actually quite pleased with Evans as super soldier Steve Rogers – he was one of the highlights in the otherwise distinctly dull Fantastic Four films, truly bringing the feisty Johnny Storm alive from the comic book page, and he gave a charismatic performance above and beyond the call of duty in Push . But we’re still not sure about Johnston as director – he's got a track record of making disappointingly average movies from decent source material, though, to be fair, his only former “superhero” movie, The Rocketeer , is probably he best…