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Ghost Rider 2 Casting News

Above Suspicion ’s DCI James Langton looks set to be the devil

According to its article, Irish-born actor Ciaran Hinds ( Above Suspicion ) is in negotiations to play the devil in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance , while Italian actress-singer Violante Placido is on the verge of bring cast as the mother of a boy who’s Old Nick’s (erm, as in the devil, not Mr Cage) son on Earth.

To be fair, we are a little more excited by this than we should be after the steaming pile of celluloid dingo’s kidneys that was the first Ghost Rider film, because Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are writing and directing. On the other hand, while the Crank films were a pair of low-budget, octane-fuelled films that were stupidly entertaining despite being wantonly dumb (mainly thanks to an almost punkish filmmaking ethic), the last time the pair helmed a big budget film – Gamer – the result was pretty disastrous on all levels (though Dexter ’s Michael C Hall’s bizarre song-and-dance number was amusing).

So, can they turn around the Ghost Rider film franchise? Will they inject some indie-flavoured edginess into the film, or will they make another visually striking, but hollow, noisy and relentless war of cinematic attrition? What do you think?

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