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Daredevil To Get Another Shot At The Big Screen

30 Days Of Night director David Slade could be the man to reboot the franchise

David Slade, the director who made the Twilight film that even diehard Twihaters had to grudgingly admit was the best of the bunch so far ( Eclipse , but he also did 30 Days Of Night which does much more for his cool factor) could be rebooting blind Marvel superhero Daredevil for the big screen, according to Coming Soon .

The site reckons, “while no deal is in place, Slade is very likely the man for the job,” and that 20th Century Fox has to get the film into production sharpish before the rights revert to Marvel.

Daredevil previously hit the big screen back in 2003, in a film starring Ben Affleck, with Mark Steven Johnson calling the shots. It managed to produce a (terrible) spin-off in Elektra, but in general it met with almighty indifference (though one member of the SFX team who shall remain nameless, absolutely loved it).

Daredevil is the alter-ego of blind lawyer Matt Murdoch, whose other sensed are dramatically enhanced in the same accident that robbed him of his sight. The new film is not expected to be connected with the previous one in any way.