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Torchwoods Tosh Joins James Marsters In Three Inches

Naoko Mori is set to be a series regular in new crap superhero show… erm, it’s about crap superheroes, that is. Don’t know what the show’s going to be like

Naoko (Tosh) Mori is set to reteam with former Torchwood guest star James (Captain John) Marsters in a new Syfy superhero series Three inches.

Also in the cast are Stephanie Jacobsen (Kendra in Battlestar Galactica ’s Razor ), and Noah Reid, who plays Walter, a twenty-something who can move objects telekinetically… but only three inches. Walter is recruited into a superheros team, in which all the other members have similarly crap powers (it all sounds very Mystery Men to us). Marsters plays Troy, the team leader…

So, anyone want to guess what the other crap powers might be?

Actually, we’re really pleased for Naoki Mori, ’cos both Rich and I on the team both reckon she’s one of the nicest people we’ve ever interviewed.