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The Clone Wars invades Jetix Magazine

As you know, SFX is currently celebrating the Clone Wars animated movie on the news-stand. But did you know that our sister title, Official Jetix Magazine, is also in on the act? The kids title is giving away a LEGO Clone Trooper to every reader!

Having amassed a giant army of 45,000 of the blighters, Official Jetix Magazine is teaming up with the toy company to offer them exclusively as gifts with the magazine’s summer special. The new range of LEGO Star Wars figures and vehicles accompanies the launch of the Clone Wars movie, which goes on general release Friday 15 August.

Naturally enough, we'd recommend you stick with SFX for all your Star Wars updates: however, it seems a shame not to encourage you to check out Jetix to get yourself a free LEGO figure! They look cool, no? The Official Jetix Magazine summer special goes on sale 14 August 2008 with a cover price of £3.99.