The Clangers Return

There’s something about The Clangers. Baguss may come higher in "Best Children’s Shows of All Time” polls, but we, the SF literate, know that the Clangers was the superior show. No disrespect to Emily’s menagerie of dozy, anthropomorphic knick knacks, but The Clangers were sheer class, and ahead of their time – recycling rubbish left by astronauts, they were the prototype little "green" men. Even if they were pink.

And now they’re coming back, along with Bagpuss, because the firm behind Purple Ronnie has bought the rights to both. In a story on The Guardian ’s website, the company seems more interested in Bagpuss, but let’s be honest – there’s more fun to be had with an updated Clangers series, surely? Hell, think what they could do with a CG Soup Dragon! And the marketing opportunities for a Transformer-style Iron Chicken are endless. But they better not change the sound the Froglets…

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