The X-Files season 11 will happen if everyone's schedule can line up

A conference call with Fox Television Group co-chair Gary Newman has confirmed that the X-Files aren't ready to be closed just yet, Polygon reports. Everyone involved in the production is interested in returning for an 11th season of the conspiracy-courting television series, Newman said, it's just a matter of getting their schedules to line up.

Stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny previously indicated interest in doing another X-Files season, and show creator Chris Carter said more episodes were likely if the ratings were good enough, but Newman's comments are the most promising word so far. Newman said he hopes Fox could provide a possible premiere date by this time next year.

The next big question is how much more X-Files we should expect from the next season. The X-Files Season 10 was promoted as an "event series" with only six episodes, but now that viewers have expressed significant interest in the continued adventures of Mulder and Scully, Fox may be inclined to invest in more. Hopefully we won't need to wait another 14 years to find out either way.

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Image: Fox

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