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The Most Un-X-Pected Crossover Ever?

The X-Files meets 30 Days Of Night . No, really… no gag! Honest

In what must be the most unexpected crossover ever, Mulder And Scully will be investigating Alaskan vampires in the Dark Horse comic The X-Files: 30 Days Of Night .

According to MTV’s Splashpage , the comic will be written by 30 Days creator Steve Niles and the guitarist with rock band Tool, Adam Jones. The six-issue series, due out in July, will see Mulder and Scully trekking to Alaska just in time for the long season of darkness when the vampires come out to play.

Tom ( The Spectre ) Mandrake will be doing the interior art duties on the series, which is being published as a joint venture by DC’s Wildstorm imprint and IDW Publishing.

Slashpage also has a sneak preview of one of the covers for issue one by Andrea Sorrentino (click on the image here to see the larger version on their site). Variant covers by Tom Mandrake and Sam ( The Maxx ) Kieth will also be available.