Teenage Turtles With CG Faces

Producer Scott Mednick has told Mania.com that the new live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film will be an origin story. "We are intent on re-telling the origin, as it was in Batman, as it was in Superman, frankly as it was in Spider-Man. We have an entire new generation of fans who really don't know the full back story. As great as the [2007 animated film 'TMNT'] was, my son said, 'How come a rat is their father?' You know? Because he wasn't around for the 1990 version."

Mednick, who worked on Superman Returns and the upcoming Spike Jonze-directed Where The Wild Things says that we should check out the latter film for an idea of how the new Turtles will be realised on screen: “Jim Henson did brilliant job in 1990. Now there's face-replacement technology. The Wild Things were actually done by the Creature Shop and Brian Henson, and we use face-replacement technology to get more emotive and expressive faces out of puppets. We want the Turtles to be real. We want them to be in the movie, not Gollumed. We're excited about the opportunity to use all of these new technologies to give the experience that you really believe the turtles are real, they're teenagers, they have great personalities, not guys in suits."

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