Teen Wolf video interview

With just two second season episodes left to air in the US, stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien chat about life on set [video]

Are these the nicest guys on TV? We got the chance to sit with two of Teen Wolf 's male stars, Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) and Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) and ask them about the process of filming the show. They were charming and fun and demonstrate a real love of their characters. These brief clips show them talking about the scripts, being shy, their writing aspirations, coffee and ad-libbing.

[VAMS id="J49Gbo8dNN8b5"]

Apologies for the sound quality, this is genuine handheld camera footage from a table chat back stage at July's Comic-Con .

You can read more of what Tyler Posey has to say in issue 226 of SFX . Season two of Teen Wolf is currently being reviewed weekly in our TV section by Sammy Maine (UK pace). Teen Wolf is broadcast on Sky Living in the UK.

And in case you missed this related vid we shot last year, here it is again. It's silly, but fun…

[VAMS id="pJVYmbp2m5ggB"]

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