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Spooky Sarah Jane Preview

How do you follow up the amazing "The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith"? With a Halloween-flavoured haunted house story, that's how. Nest week’s Sarah Jane Adventure is "The Eternity Trap" written by Phil Ford. He's also co-written The Waters Of Mars which is already being called one of the scariest Doctor Who stories ever, so it'll be interesting to tune into "The Eternity Trap" as a taster of Ford's scare tactics.

“It’s the scary ones that I enjoy the most,” Ford told SFX. “‘The Eternity Trap’ is one of those stories which was born out of necessity... we didn't have the budget that we had before, so I stupidly aid, 'Okay, I'll do an episode that doesn't have any FX in it at all.' And I'd wanted to do a haunted house episode for a while. I wanted to do a haunted house story whether it was in Sarah Jane or not. And out of necessity, I think, we've created a really fabulous episode.” Well, if "Midnight" is anything to go by, there's nothing wrong with cheap episodes!

Listen to Lis Sladen and Phil Ford talk about the Haunted House episode by clicking the links below (they're not the greatest quality as they are from a press conference, but think of it as an extra Halloween treat):

To hear Lis Sladen click here

To hear Phil Ford click here