Spider-Suit, Spider-Suit!

Fancy scaling skyscrapers and scuttling over towerblocks in a bid to bring justice to this diseased world (or just for a daft laugh, it's up to you...)? You might just be in luck. Time was when you would have to suffer a nip from a radiation-soaked arachnid to pull off such a stunt. In the future you may simply slip on a suit.

Professor Nicola Pugno from the Polytechnic of Turin has declared that it's theoretically possible to create a hi-tech set of togs that replicate the natural adhesive powers of spiders and geckos (Gecko-man doesn't quite have the right ring, does it?). The suit would mirror the gecko's ability to scurry up walls and hang upside down by the combined attractive power of billions of tiny hairs. Just imagine the crime-smashing opportunities! Why, it's enough to make you wish for the senseless gunning down of a favourite uncle! For the full story, complete with dazzling scientific words, head here .