Smallvilles Kristin Kreuk To Star In The CWs Beauty And The Beast

The former Lana Lang nabs the lead role (Beauty? Belle? Catherine?) in the CW remake of the ’80s show

Kristin Kreuk has landed the leas role in the CW’s Beauty And The Beast , according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Just to clarify, that’s the one that the remake of the ’70s series about the female cop and the sewer-dwelling beast, not the more fairy tale, trad version that the ABC network is planning, or the big screen version that Guillermo del Toro is planning, or the 3D version of the Disney film that’s coming out, or the Blu-Tack kabuki theatre version SFX is making and planning to take to the Edinburgh Fringe next year. (Read about the various versions of Beauty And The Beast here … well, apart from the last one.)

Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper will serve as executive producers alongside Paul J Witt, C Anthony Thomas, Ron Koslow and Bill Haber. Gary Fleder is on board to direct the pilot. Unsurprisingly for a CW show, it will be aimed a young demographic. So you can bet the Beast will be kinda sexy.

Dave Golder
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