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Is A Spider-Woman Movie On The Cards?

File under rumour for the moment, but it could be happening…

What the site is claiming, though, is that High School Musical ’s Vanessa Hudgens is in talks to play the title role in a Spider-Woman film. “The idea is for this to be a fun, comedic movie and Vanessa is perfect for the title role,” a source tells Showbiz Spy. “Spider-Woman is strong and sexy but in this case hilarious.”

A comedy version? Oh dear. That beings to mind the weak sit-com take on The Fantastic Four. And since when has the comic Spider-Woman been all about belly laughs? She-Hulk, maybe, but even she was played more for ironic parody than out-and-out comedy. Shame, really, as Spider-Woman would have been a great vehicle for “strong, empowered young women” fan Joss Whedon, who now seems in Marvel’s favour.