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Heroes Volume 4 Clip Sets Alarm Bells Ringing

The all-important fourth volume of Heroes – "Fugitives" – kicks off in the States next week, and below is a clip from the first episode, "A Clear And Present Danger". This is crunch time for the show that has been haemorrhaging viewers. Pushing Daisies showrunner Bryan Fuller is now on board, and we’re promised a new streamlined, more viewer-friendly approach. It’s hard to get much of a feel for any "new direction” from the clip, but one or two things do set alarm bells ringing in the SFX office. Watch the clip and we'll give you our thoughts below.

The first thing we thought was, "Oh, not again!" It’s not so much the whole "Sylar and company on the move" guff (though Lord knows, it hardly sets our pulses pounding) as the idea that Matt can now draw the future. Heroes already has a dubious reputation for serving up the same plots in slightly different guises, and this just stinks of the spirit of Isaac disinterred. Ho hum. You never know, they might just be red herrings… we can but hope. Because we'd genuinely like to see the show back on form again.