Wanted 2 Scuppered?

That’s what website Vulture is claiming. Instead she’s concentrating on a SF thriller by Children Of Men ’s Alfonso Cuarón, allegedly

Remember all that speculation about how Angelina Jolie could be brought back to appear in Wanted 2 ? Seems it’s all pointless now if website Vulture is to be believed.

The site claims that Jolie has pulled out of the sequel, leading to Universal Pictures pulling the plug on the project completely. Instead, the article reckons, Jolie will be concentrating on another SF thriller, Gravity , directed by Children Of Men ’s Alfonso Cuarón from a script he wrote with his 28-year-old son, Jonás. Jolie will play the sole surviving human member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth and her daughter. It is being produced by David Heyman, who previously worked with Cuarón on Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (you know, the one’s it’s okay for non-Potter fans to like).

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.