Flashed away

Batman Begins and Blade scribe David Goyer has parted company with Warner’s big screen take on DC’s The Flash , paving the way for Shawn “ Night at the Museum ” Levy to take over. Goyer (who was attached to direct, write and produce) apparently packed his bags a few months ago, but only made the announcement on Friday, via his MySpace page.

Levy, the “brains” behind Cheaper by the Dozen , Just Married and the Pink Panther remake, is expected to lighten the tone of the movie, though he says it won’t be a comedy. No word yet on whether Ryan Reynolds, Goyer’s preferred option for the lead, is still on the studio’s wishlist.

We have to admit that Levy’s CV doesn’t make him our first choice to take on a major comic franchise, but there is hope. After starting out writing mawkfests like Jack Frost and Simon Birch , Ghost Rider helmer Mark Steven Johnson has become one of Hollywood’s go-to guys for comic book movies. Maybe Levy can go the same way.

Story from Superhero Hype via Hollywood Reporter.