Dark Crystal 2: it's official!

Dark Crystal 2 concept art

A week ago we thought it had been scrapped. Earlier this week we heard it may not have been. So to end the rumours and confusion, SFX went straight to the source on this and have obtained an official statement from The Henson Company about The Power of the Dark Crystal. And it's good news: it's definitely on!

This morning we received the following statement from Lisa Henson, the company's co-CEO and producer of the film:

"The Jim Henson Company remains committed to producing Power of the Dark Crystal. The film has not been 'cancelled' or 'put on hiatus' or any of the other rumored status changes that have been floating around. This film is an ambitious undertaking for us and it continues to move forward as we work to secure the financing and distribution that a project of this scope requires; and yes, these are factors that will most likely have an impact the production timeline. We are grateful to the fans who support Power of the Dark Crystal and we are excited to make this new chapter in the Dark Crystal story a reality."

So there you have it. Now all fans have to worry about is how they're going to manage the year's wait...