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Cut to the chase

According to the results of our most recent GamesRadar poll - What do you think of cutscenes? - 32% of you can't get enough of them, totally at odds with David Jaffe, the man behind God of War, who *believes a cutscene "pulls you out of the game"*.

Only 7% of entries agreed with Jaffe, hating cutscenes because they get in the way. The majority of you, however, told us that you didn't mind them, so long as they were used in moderation. Are you taking notes, Mr Kojima?

But while a third of you love the cutscene, we're looking forward to seeing how Jaffe accomplishes his next project without using the old fashioned method. For every finely crafted scene - Half-Life's first-person interactions are brilliant examples - there's a jarring, badly written excuse for plot development that destroys any atmosphere a game has created.

If you've got a favourite, or a most-loathed cutscene, why not tell us about it on the GamesRadar forum.