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Are the Fortnite servers down? Here's when the season 10 downtime will begin

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Are the Fortnite servers down? They will be soon, once Epic Games begins the downtime for ringing in Fortnite season 10. According to the official Fortnite Twitter account, the servers will go down early on August 1 and introduce a "larger than normal" patch to the game. At least you should be able to start the download at some point while the game is inaccessible.

Here's when Fortnite is set to go offline, broken down by time zones.

  • UK time: August 1 at 9 am BST
  • Eastern time zone: August 1 at 4 am EDT
  • Central time zone: August 1 at 3 am CDT
  • Mountain time zone: August 1 at 2 am MDT
  • Pacific time zone: August 1 at 1 am PDT

Fortnite downtime between seasons generally lasts a few hours. It's tough to get much more precise than that, but the simple answer is that it will be long enough to stop you from playing but hopefully short enough to not eat up all your play time for the day. Epic wisely positions its updates in the early morning/late night for much of its audience, so that should help make the wait more bearable.

The Fortnite Season X trailer shows that we have some time-traveling escapades to look forward to once the update goes live. While you're waiting for the servers to come back online, you could always check out some of the contenders on our list of games like Fortnite.

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