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Fortnite Quests - how to complete all of the Punchcard Quests in Season 8

Fortnite Quests Season 8
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Fortnite quests have changed their format significantly this season, further emphasising their importance within the battle royale and the role they play in providing more than just Victory Royales to aim for. Instead of releasing a weekly set of challenges, these quests are now directly linked to the roster of Fortnite characters, with each one having their own list of tasks to complete and a corresponding punchcard to clear. Each of these questlines has a series of five assignments along a general theme, which helps to provide variety as there are now a total of 145 jobs out there!

Every one of these punchcards features a set of five assignments, which originally provided a total of 80,000 XP for every set you completed for the first time, but following some rebalancing the 17th punchcard onwards now gives you 150,000 XP in total for initial completion. At the time of writing there are 29 punchcards for the unlocked characters, with the promise of more coming soon, but that already equates to a massive 3,230,000 XP if you clear them all.

To get started on these questlines, you can either meet the individual character in person or answer one of the ringing Fortnite payphones to be offered a random selection of challenges to begin. Although you only receive the generous bonus XP the first time you complete each of these Fortnite quests, you can keep repeating the questlines to earn bars, which are pretty useful when it comes to purchasing items or funding the war effort in Fortnite. If you're stuck on any of the tasks handed out, we've got the solutions (along with separate guides where needed) to help you clear all of the Fortnite quests.

Fortnite Quests for Season 8:

Ariana Grande - Monster Hunter Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect a Record and place in a Turntable (2)
  2. Study the Caretaker's footprints (2)
  3. Collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters (5)
  4. Reveal the Command Symbol (1)
  5. Launch Signal Flares (3)

Unsurprisingly, Ari's quests kick off musically so you'll need to find a Fortnite Record and Turntable to get the party started. Next, study a couple of the huge purple Fortnite Caretaker footprints, before entering the Fortnite Sideways and collecting Symbols from the Cube Monsters you eliminate. After that you'll need to find one of the Fortnite Command Symbol sites and perform the actions shown by the holograms to reveal it, before lighting the fuses and setting off several Fortnite Signal Flares.

Baba Yaga - New Brew Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Mark a Medkit, a Bandage, and a Small Shield Potion (3)
  2. Use any of the services of a Mending Machine (1)
  3. Consume foraged items (3)
  4. Restore health with a fish (1)
  5. Use a Bandage or a Medkit in The Sideways (1)

Medkits, Bandages, and Small Shield Potions are all common items, which you can mark by aiming at then tapping left on the d-pad, then head to any of the Fortnite vending machines that function as Mending Machines with a medic cross on them. Fortnite foraged items can be found all over the island or in Noms boxes, and fish can either be caught with a rod or collected from ice boxes and consumed. The easiest way to access The Sideways is to go to a domed Sideways Zone, then take some damage if needed and use a Bandage or Medkit.

Big Mouth - Tooth Ache Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Open chests in Steel Farm (2)
  2. Search an Ice Machine (1)
  3. Open ammo boxes at Dirty Docks (2)
  4. Buy a health item from a Mending Machine (1)
  5. Search a Supply Drop (1)

Opening chests at Steel Farm can be tricky as there are often only a couple there, so go at the start of the match to increase your chances of finding them untouched. Ice Machines are found at most gas stations, as well as in restaurants at named locations. Dirty Docks has plenty of ammo boxes if you look around, then head back to a gas station to use a Mending Machine – make sure you buy a health item as shields won't count. Keep an eye on your map for the Supply Drop icon, then head to that location as fast as possible so you can open it as soon as it lands.

The Brat - Hot Dog Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Open a cash register (1)
  2. Destroy couches and beds (3)
  3. Complete a quest from another character (1)
  4. Purchase a weapon of rare rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic (1)
  5. Damage opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher.(1)

To open a cash register, go into most stores or businesses then search the register on the counter, and likewise you'll find couches and beds to destroy in most residential buildings. Completing a quest for another character just involves moving one of their questlines on a notch, so pick anything from your list. Weapons of Rare rarity or higher are generally blue, purple, or orange, so buy one from an NPC or vending machine then use one to damage an opponent.

Charlotte - IO Heist Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect an Assault Rifle and a Grenade (2)
  2. Reach max shields (1)
  3. Visit an IO Outpost or the IO Convoy (1)
  4. Eliminate IO Guards (2)
  5. Search a chest in an IO Outpost or in the IO Convoy (1)

Assault Rifles and Grenades are common items, so grab one of each, then use a large shield potion or certain foraged items to get your shields up to 100. You'll find Fortnite IO Guards at the five IO Outposts around the island or the IO Convoy that is currently northwest of Dirty Docks, so use our separate guide to visit one of those before eliminating a couple of guards and searching a chest.

Containment Specialist - Ghostbusters: Afterlife Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Deploy Seismographs in Misty Meadows or Catty Corner (3)
  2. Exterminate mini-Pufts with a Pickaxe in Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row (3)
  3. Retrieve mechanical parts by destroying Cars (5)
  4. Place Ghostbuster signs in Holly Hedges, Dirty Docks, or Pleasant Park (3)
  5. Deploy a Ghost Trap (1)

NOTE: The Containment Specialist was part of a limited time event and is no longer available in the game.

There's something strange in the neighborhood, so kick things off by deploying Fortnite Seismographs in Misty Meadows or Catty Corner. Next you'll need to head to Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row and bash the adorable Fortnite mini-Pufts with your pickaxe, then destroy some cars to collect the mechanical parts they drop – if you spot an RV then target that as they provide several once broken down. Mark your presence by placing Fortnite Ghostbuster signs in Holly Hedges, Dirty Docks, or Pleasant Park, then deploy a Fortnite Ghost Trap to try and capture whatever ghostly spirits are causing the disturbance.

Dark Jonesy - Spooky Story Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect a Shotgun and Shells at Steamy Stacks (2)
  2. Stoke a Campfire (1)
  3. Crouch within 10 meters of an opponent for 2 seconds (1)
  4. Cause headshot damage on Cube Monsters in The Sideways (150)
  5. Defeat waves of Cube Monsters in a Sideways Anomaly (2)

A Shotgun and Shells is a fairly common loot drop, so look around Steamy Stacks and crack open some chests if needed. To stoke Fortnite campfires you need to light one then add 30 wood, though a glitch with the quest means it may take a while to register, so keep trying. IO Guards count as opponents for crouching nearby, which you may find easier than sneaking up to a human enemy, and you can also do this through walls or other cover to stay out of sight. Enter a Sideways Zone then grab a few headshots on the monsters, then find a purple rift to open a Sideways Anomaly and beat two waves of enemies inside.

Dark Jonesy - The Oracle Speaks Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect Scrolls at different IO Bases (2)
  2. Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel (1)
  3. Touch a Cube (1)
  4. Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments (2)
  5. Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his Vision (1)

Dark Jonesy is taking a brief Quests diversion for the Fortnitemares event, which you can get started on by collecting a couple of different Fortnite IO Base Scrolls. Next, consume a Shadow Stone then visit one of the Fortnite Spirit Vessel locations to recover it, before heading to the center of the island to touch a Cube. Around the edge of The Convergence are locations where you can play a sort of whack-a-mole to destroy all of the Fortnite Corruption Cluster Fragments, then finish this list by returning to the Oracle Dark Jonesy himself at Steamy Stacks and hearing what he has to say.

Dire - Wolf Pack Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Emote at the Weather Station, Fort Crumpet, or Lockie's Lighthouse (1)
  2. Damage wildlife with a melee weapon (40)
  3. Destroy a dumpster at Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park (1)
  4. Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways with a melee weapon (5)
  5. Travel on foot in Misty Meadows (200)

After meeting Dire, the Weather Station is the nearest location to emote, being just up the mountain south of Catty Corner, though you can also dance at Fort Crumpet to the west of Believer Beach or Lockie's Lighthouse northeast of Coral Castle. Find some wildlife to hit with your Fortnite melee weapon, bearing in mind a chicken or boar is less risky than a wolf, then head to Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park and destroy a dumpster. When eliminating Cube Monsters with your melee weapon try to single out the smaller fiends or you'll take significant damage, then wrap things up by running around Misty Meadows on foot.

Dusk - Vampire Combat Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Ring a doorbell until it breaks (1)
  2. Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing (1)
  3. Pistol damage from above (75)
  4. Get an elimination with a Pistol, SMG, or Shotgun in The Sideways (1)
  5. Finish a downed enemy with a Harvesting Tool (1)

Many residential properties, like those in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake, have a doorbell by the front door that you can keep ringing until it breaks by repeatedly interacting with it. To damage an opponent quickly after landing, either follow someone else down from the Battle Bus or use a launch pad during a match so you can land with weapons already equipped – there are also launch pads in the Sideways Zone, and damaging monsters or even wildlife still counts. Getting an elimination in The Sideways is as simple as grabbing one of those weapons then taking out a monster, and to finish a downed enemy with your pickaxe either play in Duos/Trios/Squads or, more easily, knock down an IO Guard at one of their outposts then finish them with the tool.

Ember - Fire Yoga Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Destroy a fireplace at Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park (1)
  2. Set structures on fire (10)
  3. Emote within 5m of a vehicle that's smoking (1)
  4. Ignite an opponent with a firefly jar (1)
  5. Heal from a Campfire (1)

You'll find fireplaces inside plenty of the houses within the named locations, and we advise using firefly jars to set structures on fire as we had trouble getting exploding gas cans to count for this. You can easily damage a parked vehicle then emote near it once smoking, landing a firefly jar near an opponent should ignite them, and there are many campfires around to heal from.

Fabio Sparklemane - Party Locale Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Use a Zipline (1)
  2. Destroy furniture at Apres Ski (5)
  3. Dance at different Alien Crash Sites (2)
  4. Dance for 2 seconds after damaging an opponent (1)
  5. Dance for 5 seconds while in The Sideways (1)

There are plenty of Ziplines around the southeast edge of the island, along with the powerlines from Steamy Stacks to Retail Row. Apres Ski is the landmark in the mountains southwest of Misty Meadows, where you first meet Fabio Sparklemane, while the Alien Crash Sites are the purple and orange areas strewn with wreckage. You can dance after damaging any opponent, including the Sideways monsters, then enter the dome of a Sideways Zone to dance again.

Grim Fable - Wolf Activity Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops (1)
  2. Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (3)
  3. Collect a Harpoon Gun (1)
  4. Hunt a wolf (1)
  5. Emote within 10m of wildlife (1)

There are a number of haystacks around the fields at Corny Crops, so interact with one to hide in it, before heading to either of those named locations and destroying beds inside the residences. Harpoon Guns can be found in chests or as floor loot, though you're more likely to encounter one in popular fishing locations such as Lake Canoe to the north of Retail Row. Fortnite wolves can be spotted in several places including Stealthy Stronghold and Weeping Woods, so eliminate one then find another wildlife creature to emote near.

J.B. Chimpanski - War Effort Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Spend Bars (200)
  2. Deliver a car to the Weather Station (1)
  3. Harvest metal from an Alien Crash Site (100)
  4. Talk to Characters (3)
  5. Interact with a Mounted Turret (1)

You can spend bars at vending machines, weapon upgrade benches, with characters, or at any of the Turret or Item Donations Boards that are still active. The Weather Station is up the mountain south of Catty Corner, so grab a vehicle and drive up there. Alien Crash Sites are the purple and orange patches on the map, so gather metal at one of those, then find three different characters to talk to. Finally, head to one of the Fortnite satellite stations or newly funded and installed defenses then interact with the mounted turret found there.

Kakashi - Fort Jutsu Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Scout a UFO crash site (1)
  2. Hit players with Paper Bomb Kunai (3)
  3. Build a structure after taking damage (1)
  4. Place or destroy a trap (1)
  5. Tame wildlife with the Hunter's Cloak (1)

The UFO crash sites are the wreckage from the Mothership, marked by the large orange areas on the map where the earth is scorched. You can buy Paper Bomb Kunai from Kakashi, which you then need to throw close enough to other players to deal damage, before building a quick structure after you take damage. You can find traps in chests or as floor loot, and the Hunter's Cloak can again be purchased from Kakashi or made using Fortnite crafting and four pieces of meat, before approaching a boar or wolf and interacting with it to tame it.

Kitbash - Making Friends Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect Nuts and Bolts (1)
  2. Craft an item (1)
  3. Upgrade a weapon at an Upgrade Bench (1)
  4. Honk a vehicle's horn within 10m of an opponent (1)
  5. Survive Storm Phases (3)

Nuts and Bolts are a crafting supply you can find in red toolboxes around certain workshops and garages, and you can either use them or Cube Monster Parts from The Sideways to craft an item through your inventory. Find one of the Fortnite weapon upgrade benches then spend some bars on an improvement, before jumping into a vehicle and using the horn near an opponent – IO Guards also count for this. There's not much we need to say about surviving storm phases, as this should come completely naturally through normal gameplay.

Kor - Sniper Elite Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect a Sniper Rifle (1)
  2. Deal damage with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle (150)
  3. Get headshots with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle (2)
  4. Deal damage within 30 seconds of hiding in a Haystack, Dumpster, or Flusher (1)
  5. Emote on the top of a mountain (1)

You should find a Sniper Rifle to collect through general floor or chest loot, though you can also purchase one direct from Kor if needed, then dealing damage and getting headshots with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle should be a breeze. There are plenty of Haystacks and Dumpsters around Corny Complex or Believer Beach, and all you need to do is hop out of one then get in a hit on an opponent or NPC quickly. The obvious choice for a mountain to emote on top of is Mount Kay just south of Catty Corner, though other peaks nearby may count.

Madcap - Mushroom Master Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Destroy a Farming Tractor (1)
  2. Forage Mushrooms (2)
  3. Craft a Weapon (1)
  4. Destroy Refrigerators (2)
  5. Consume an Apple and a Banana (2)

You'll find a number of tractors around Corny Complex to destroy, and mushrooms tend to grow down in Sludgy Swamp but can also be found in Noms boxes or purchased from Madcap. Crafting a weapon is most easily done by grabbing a Sideways weapon and some Cube Monster Parts from The Sideways then combining them, while refrigerators can be destroyed in residential kitchens such as those in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park. Finally, apples can mainly be found at The Orchard north of Corny Crops and bananas in Coral Cove and Sharky Shell to the west and north of Coral Castle, though they also appear randomly in Noms boxes elsewhere.

Nitehare - Hop Awake Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Bounce 3 times on tires without touching the ground (1)
  2. Use an Alien Jump Pad at an Alien Crash Site (1)
  3. Travel in an Alien Slipstream for 100 meters (1)
  4. Damage an opponent with a Grenade (25)
  5. Get an explosive elimination on a Cube Monster in The Sideways (1)

Although the first quest states tires, you can also bounce on parasols or similar items and still complete it. Alien Jump Pads are the boosters dotted around the Mothership wreckage at Alien Crash Sites, and they usually launch you up into an Alien Slipstream to complete the next challenge too. Cube Monsters count as opponents to deal grenade damage, so if you throw a couple of explosives in the Sideways then you should be able to tick off these final two tasks.

Penny - Build Passion Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Destroy opponent structures (5)
  2. Build structures at Craggy Cliffs (5)
  3. Harvest metal from both Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks (2)
  4. Hit weakpoints while harvesting (4)
  5. Emote within 10m of an allied built structure (1)

You can destroy opponent structures in any Battle Royale mode, so look out for constructions that aren't yours and take them down. There's very little we can explain about the remaining quests as they're all just standard building tasks, though handily to emote near an allied built structure you can just use one of your own builds to save time.

Pitstop - Stunt Training Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Refuel a vehicle with gas (1)
  2. Distance traveled while in a vehicle (500)
  3. Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle (3)
  4. Get 2 seconds of air time with a vehicle (1)
  5. Interact with an overturned car to flip it rightside up (1)

You can use Fortnite gas pumps or the gas cans found in stations to refuel a vehicle, which will then help you drive 500m in it. Pleasant Park is probably the easiest place to destroy mailboxes with a vehicle, as most of the houses have one outside their front yards. You can construct your own ramp to drive a vehicle off so you can get that air time, and by rolling a car off the edge of a ramp you can put it on its roof ready for flipping back again.

Ragsy - Shield Techniques Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Purchase a shield item from a Vending Machine (1)
  2. Consume both a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish (2)
  3. Harvest Stone from Sideways Rocks (50)
  4. Use a shield item while in The Sideways (1)
  5. Take damage from an enemy player and survive (1)

Shield items can be purchased from Mending Machines that are mainly sited at gas stations, and if you search the ice boxes often found there you may discover a Shield Fish too, otherwise you'll need to go fishing to catch one. Sideways Rocks appear in both the Sideways Zone and Anomalies, so smash them up with your harvesting tool to grab some stone then deploy a shield item while still in The Sideways. Finally, take a hit from an enemy player then build some cover or otherwise hide for a few seconds until your survival is registered.

Raven - Dark Skies Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Destroy Sideways Rocks (2)
  2. Launch from a Corruption Vent in The Sideways (1)
  3. Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways 15 seconds after gliding (3)
  4. Get headshots from above (2)
  5. Destroy chests with a harvesting tool (2)

Unsurprisingly, Sideways Rocks can be found in Sideways areas and destroyed with your harvesting tool, while Corruption Vents are the launch pads that emerge from the ground in the main Sideways Zone. You can use one of those vents to glide then eliminate monsters once you land, and headshots from above also count on Cube Monsters so pick a couple of them off from a vantage point, which just leaves destroying two chests with your harvesting tool.

Rust Lord - Scrap King Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Collect Wood, Metal, and Stone (3)
  2. Build structures at Corny Crops or Weeping Woods (20)
  3. Gather shields from Slurp barrels (30)
  4. Hit weakpoints while harvesting (20)
  5. Destroy structures with a vehicle (30)

Finding one of each type of material shouldn't cause any issues, and nor should building at one of the named locations. You'll find Slurp barrels to smash all over Sludgy Swamp, though they crop up in plenty of other places too, and you should be targeting the circular weakpoints while harvesting as standard anyway to get more materials. Finally, drive a vehicle through structures to destroy them, which you should be able to do with your own constructions to save looking around for opponents' buildings.

Scuba Jonesy - Surf Turf Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Swim at both Lake Canoe and Lazy Lake (2)
  2. Submerge a driven vehicle into a large body of water (1)
  3. Throw a fish back in the water (1)
  4. Hunt wildlife (1)
  5. Consume a fish and a meat in a single match (2)

Lake Canoe is to the north of Retail Row up the river, and there are several swimming pools at Lazy Lake, so take a dip in both then grab a vehicle and drive it into the nearest lake. To throw a fish from your inventory back, simply hold the left trigger to aim then press the right trigger to launch it into the water. There's plenty of wildlife to hunt around the island, though if you're pressed then a number a chickens roam around Corny Complex, then you just need to eat the meat from that wildlife plus a fish from a rod catch or ice box.

Shadow Ops - Impromptu Tactical Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Visit a Guardian Tower (1)
  2. Collect Light Ammo, Medium Ammo, and Shells (3)
  3. Cause Shotgun damage to Cube Monsters in The Sideways (150)
  4. Get a headshot with a Pistol (1)
  5. Eliminate an opponent with an SMG (1)

The Fortnite Guardian Towers may no longer be particularly active, but you'll still find their tall structures in the same places as before. Opening a few ammo boxes should sort you out with the relevant items, and the rest of these quest are self-explanatory once you have the right weapon equipped.

Sledgehammer - Battle Orders Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Open a Chest in The Sideways (1)
  2. Eliminate different types of Cube Monsters in The Sideways (3)
  3. Damage Cube Monsters with a Sideways Weapon (150)
  4. Collect Cube Monster Parts (50)
  5. Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in The Sideways (1)

This whole questline is based in The Sideways, so head to the Sideways Zone or an Anomaly and work your way through it.

Toona Fish - Hue-ge Discovery Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Visit different Named locations (3)
  2. Dance within 10m of an IO Guard (1)
  3. Visit The Aftermath (1)
  4. Pop tires on vehicles (5)
  5. Buy an item from a Character (1)

There are fifteen possible named locations to visit, which are all marked on the map so are easy to find. Get to an IO Outpost and dance near a guard, then head to The Aftermath landmark in the middle of the island. Shoot the tires on some vehicles until they pop, then visit any character that sells something and make a purchase.

Torin - Monster Research Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Enter The Sideways (1)
  2. Collect a Sideways Weapon (1)
  3. Damage players with a Sideways Weapon (100)
  4. Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways (10)
  5. Complete a Sideways encounter (1)

You can enter The Sideways through the domed Sideways Zone or the purple rift Sideways Anomalies, where are the locations where you can collect Sideways Weapons from downed monsters. Use one of these weapons to damage opponents, then head back to The Sideways to eliminate ten monsters. Completing a Sideways encounter involves entering a Sideways Anomaly, then eliminating enough monsters to fill the bar at the top of the screen before the time runs out.

Wrath - Escaped Tenant Questline

Fortnite Quests Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Spot enemy players using the Recon Scanner (2)
  2. Use a Jump Pad or Jump Vent and travel 100 meters before landing (100)
  3. Get a Storm Forecast from a Character (1)
  4. Get a bounty from a bounty board (1)
  5. Complete a bounty (1)

Recon Scanners can usually be found in the special crates from IO Outposts or satellite stations, then fired at enemy players to highlight their locations. As well as finding one as a deployable item, you'll see Jump Pads at satellite stations and Jump Vents within the Sideways Zone, so launch then glide a decent distance. J.B. Chimpanski, Pitstop, Torin, and Wrath are all characters who offer the Storm Forecast service, so visit one of them before starting Fortnite bounties from the various boards around the island – these count as being completed even if another player poaches your target.

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